Endurance second kill Tesla Model 3 Weima's 7 series will be released

Posted 2021-01-27 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the patent map of 7 Series sedans has been exposed on the Internet, and new cars are planned to be officially unveiled in May 2020. According to the official, the new NEDC will have a endurance of more than 700km, equipped with L3 auxiliary system, etc. As early as September 2019, Weima released the news of Weima 7 Series on its official Weibo, and said it would be released in April this year. With the postponement of Beijing auto show, the release time of Weima 7 Series sedan is also postponed. From the patent map, the new car continues the family design, but the final mass production vehicle may be different from the patent map. In addition, the patent map also shows the two headlamp styles respectively, and the high configuration vehicle will also be equipped with LED lamp group. The black roof and panoramic sunroof are also exclusive for high-end models. The new car will be built on the super platform of Weima sedan. Based on this platform, Weima will launch a number of driving products, each of which has a different positioning. Weima will select the best mass production according to the market situation. In terms of power, via the CTP Technology (cell to pack) which is directly integrated into the package via the electric core, the new NEDC has a endurance of more than 700km, which even exceeds the 688km of the long endurance version of Tesla Model 3. In addition, the new car will also provide L3, L4 level automatic driving, 5g technology, intelligent cockpit, etc.

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