E-test test 5: beijing-eu7 power consumption measurement + dynamic experience

Posted 2020-09-22 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In October last year, BAIC group released a brand new brand and brand logo "Beijing", and eu7 is the first model of the brand. Jianzhi refers to the middle and high-end Beijing brand, which undertakes the important mission of brand upgrading of BAIC group's independent sector, and eu7, which is positioned as level B, will also represent the beginning of the brand's entry into the middle and high-end market. This time, in order to get a deeper understanding of this car, we got a test drive of eu7 Yishang for dynamic and static experience and power consumption test. Before the power consumption test, the colleagues of the car dismantling workshop have carried out the dynamic and static experience of the car. Click to view the dynamic and static experience Video: 1. The appearance of the new energy beijing-eu7 which is not like the new energy; 2. The interior is steady, not pompous, and has a strong sense of technology; 3. The driver is comfortable, with a endurance of 451 km; 4. The driver is comfortable, with the same new energy as the home What is E-test? First, let's understand the "E-test test test standard" known by EV. In the process of EV knowing the actual measurement, the standard will be strictly followed. E-test test test standard endurance test method project urban endurance high speed endurance average speed standard below 30km / h above 90km / h (as close as possible to the upper limit of speed limit) test distance 100km ± 10km ≥ 100km air conditioning setting standard 24 ℃, auto / 2 block air volume driving mode standard mode kinetic energy recovery level standard default/ EV in the middle gear knows that www.evzhidao.comeu7 has only two driving modes: standard mode and sports mode, which are selected for both urban and high-speed power consumption tests. In the standard mode, there are three gears for energy recovery, so the middle gear - gear 2 is selected in the test. 1. Urban power consumption 2. High speed power consumption beijing-eu7 power consumption test results test power consumption type average speed weather condition 100km power consumption urban power consumption 29.7km/h gale / 6-16 ℃ 18.7kwh high speed power consumption 91km / h gale / 6-16 ℃ 20.1kwh due to the gale weather on the test day, the increase of wind resistance for driving against the wind in multiple sections will affect the power consumption test results of vehicles, and the power consumption will increase correspondingly Therefore, the power consumption of eu7 tested in windy days is also qualified. In addition, in the high-speed test, the power consumption will increase when the vehicle speed is relatively fast, and the power consumption of 100 km along and against the wind section is 4 or 5 kwh lower than that of the speedometer. Therefore, the impact of the weather on the power consumption of vehicles is not only the temperature, but also the wind. Different people drive the same car, because the influence of subjective factors also has different feelings, so next I review the dynamic experience of this car. In addition, in terms of NVH of the car, the performance of urban roads is good, but the performance of high-speed sections needs to be improved. When the speed reaches more than 100km / h, there will still be relatively obvious noise in the car. At the end of the article: compared with EU5, the power of eu7 has improved a lot, and the linearity of acceleration and braking, the precision of steering wheel, etc. make driving this car easier. In addition, in the power consumption test, although affected by the weather, the test results are not the best compared with the same level of electric vehicles, but the overall performance is basically qualified.

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