Driving experience easy test drive Nezha u 520 u version

Posted 2020-09-25 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Like the fuel vehicle market, it has gradually become the focus of the current pure electric vehicle market. This field has become a new strategist for both traditional brands and new vehicle manufacturing forces. In 2018, launched the first small SUV Nezha N01 for the entry-level market, and achieved good sales performance in the market. Now, Nezha u, its second mass production model, has just come into the market. The new car brings a new design language and product features, but also aims to gain a place in the current compact market. The non mass production delivery model of Nezha u that we test drive this time is also to let you know the basic dynamic performance of this car first. Some product problems mentioned in the article are also communicated with the brand, and the problems will be optimized on the final delivery model. Next month, car house will also bring the complete test content of Nezha u mass production version. Please look forward to it. Nezha u made its debut at the 2019 Shanghai auto show. At that time, we also had a static experience for it (review: experience the car u incisively and vividly by playing on the screen). After a year, Nezha u officially went on the market. Now we have the chance to test drive first. So in the competitive compact pure electric market, what kind of performance will such a slightly "late" new product have? Nezha u brings a brand new family design language, which has a completely different shape from the first product. The front lamp design is the core theme of the whole front face. In addition to providing identification, it also stretches the thickness of the front face. Combined with the technical sense of through the type of light belt, so that the car looks very full. The front of the car is the most recognizable part of the whole car. In addition to the through type light belt with brand characteristics, there is also a running water light below which can display the state of the car. The light can be activated when the car is charged. LED headlights are the mainstream configuration of the same level of models, but the two minimum models of 400km and 500km endurance versions are not equipped with automatic headlights. Through the middle of the tail lamp long and narrow, protruding on both sides of the shape, quite their own style. There are also inverted L-shaped lines on both sides of the rear surround, which to a certain extent enhances the strength of the rear of the car. For the exterior part of Nezha u, the front and rear light belts run through, which seems to be a typical style of car design at present, and Nezha u has not escaped from this strange circle. But from the details of design and brand concept, Nezha u also brings a good sense of freshness. If the design is the first brick to impress consumers, this car should leave a good impression for most people. The highlights in the new car come from the screen design, "transparent A-pillar" and small you entity voice assistant, and the overall atmosphere in the car is simple. At present, many cars will cancel most of the physical buttons / knobs in the car, Nezha u is no exception, but the latter still adds the function knobs in the air conditioning control panel area, which is convenient for the user to operate, at the same time, it does not reduce the sense of grade in the car. For the "transparent A-pillar", Nezha automotive engineers designed to solve the problem of blind field of vision brought by A-pillar in driving. The rear-view mirrors on both sides of the vehicle are equipped with cameras to collect the blind area image of A-pillar, and the inside of A-pillar is equipped with OLED flexible screen. In addition, the system also adds "eyebrow center tracking algorithm" to track the driver's eyes through the camera in the vehicle to determine the display Perspective angle of the display screen. At present, the test drive is still not in mass production, so we will bring you more actual scene experience when we bring the same volume of cars. Like the appearance, Nezha u also applies many mainstream design elements in the interior design. The integrated instrument central control large screen, plus the central console split touch screen, seem to emphasize one thing: the larger the screen, the more intelligent it is. Nezha u has also added a voice assistant "little U" in the center of the dashboard. What Nezha u hopes to highlight is the key attribute that Nezha u emphasizes on the product: automobile, can also have "emotion". Compared with the compact SUV of the same level, Nezha U (parameter | inquiry) has a certain advantage in wheelbase, which makes us eager to experience, what is the actual ride space experience of Nezha u? First of all, the results show that Nezha u will not disappoint home users in terms of riding space or storage space, and its practicability is good. First of all, the front seat is not a "soft and collapsed" big sofa. The soft and hard degree of the cushion filler can bring enough support for the passengers, and the backrest filler is soft and has a high fit with the human body, so my first impression of the front seat is very good. The back row leg space is Nezha U's advantage. The 178cm high experiencer can also get more than two punches of leg space in the back row, which is believed to meet the household needs of most compact SUV consumers. In addition, the tightening trend of the upper part of the front seat is obvious. In addition, the back of the front seat has a hollow design, so the rear passengers will not have a sense of depression, and the vision is relatively wide, which is conducive to improving the riding experience. In the storage space part, there are many storage spaces in the car, and the open storage tank under the front central channel is very friendly, and there are two USB interfaces and a 12V power interface in front of the storage tank. For the new car ride / storage space, I think Nezha u can meet the needs of many target users. If you care about space, you really need to see Nezha U. Finally, we talked about the most expected dynamic part. In this part, first of all, we can be sure that Nezha U (parameter inquiry) has the smooth driving experience of pure electric vehicles. However, in terms of some details, the car still allows us to find some space for improvement, and we have also communicated with brand engineers. These existing problems will also be corrected and optimized in the final mass production version. For the city Daibu, the comfort mode is enough to meet our speed-up needs; but for the drivers with more radical driving style, don't worry, the power output performance of Nezha u in the sports mode will live up to your expectations. However, based on the torque output characteristics of the motor, we should also pay attention to safe driving in the motion mode, especially in some road conditions with complex road conditions, such as gravel or water, the outbreak of torque is easy to cause the vehicle to slip out of control. As for the energy-saving mode, Nezha u has a soft sense of acceleration and is also suitable for daily use. We also communicated with the brand engineer on the site. The other side said that in the sports mode, due to the use of the vehicle with low roll resistance, the torque burst in the front section is easy to cause tire slip. After the system judges that the stability system is involved, the torque output will be reduced as soon as possible to avoid the runaway caused by slip. However, from the practical experience, the sudden reduction of the torque inhibits the power output of the vehicle, and cannot make the vehicle "rush to the end". For the brake foot feel, engineers said that different brands have different adjustments for the brake system, and Nezha U's brake intervention is relatively early and sensitive. Turning to light touch is good news for moving around in the city, but if you feel it carefully, you will find that you are still carrying a stronger "electronic taste" in your turn, so it may make you make complaints about friends who love driving. Conclusion: the pure electric products, especially the pure electric products of new power brands, will bring many novel playing methods and designs to consumers. Nezha u is an example, "transparent A-pillar", unique car keys and brand-new family design make it different from others. However, the pure electric compact SUV market is not a blank. For example, G3, these excellent products have already entered the "battlefield". Nezha u, which is expected to be "late", will win the hearts of users after delivery and will continue to evolve to bring us better user experience.

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