Donation of RMB 1 million for prevention and control of Nezha automobile rescue epidemic

Posted 2023-02-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The article launched a novel coronavirus prevention and control program, and donated 1 million yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation. The original text is as follows: in January 28th, when the whole country worked together to prevent and control the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the car decided to donate 1 million yuan to the Hubei Charity Federation to support the current epidemic prevention and control. The donation funds will be mainly used in Wuhan and other areas with severe epidemic in Hubei Province to purchase medical, medical and living materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control; support the construction of temporary hospitals in epidemic areas; and provide physical and mental health protection and child care services for front-line medical staff and medical volunteers participating in rescue. At the same time, Nezha automobile pays the highest tribute to the medical staff who are fighting against the epidemic! We will strictly follow the unified deployment of the relevant departments of the state, work with the people of the whole country to overcome the difficulties, and work with all sectors of the society to actively contribute to win the prevention and control of the epidemic! Nezha automobile January 28, 2020

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