Do you want to buy haoyingrui hybrid energy? Seven hours of experience, and I have a clear answer

Posted 2021-01-29 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Haoying, a new model launched by GAC Honda in 2019, is positioned as a compact new car, which has become a competitor with the new RAV4 Rongfang, CRV, and tanyue models. There are 11 new models for consumers to choose from, including 7 models of sport turbo (equipped with Honda's new 1.5T turbocharging), with a guide price range of 1698-235800 yuan; 4 models of haoyingrui hybrid (equipped with Honda's latest third generation i-mmd dual motor hybrid system), with a guide price of 2088-252800 yuan. The model I test drive this time is haoying 2020 sharp hybrid 2.0L two drive sharp magic night version, with a guide price of 252800 yuan. To be honest, I can't believe the price. After all, there are so many models that I can buy for 252800 yuan, such as the second-line luxury Cadillac xt4, the brand-new adventurer and the high-end brand of Honda, all of which are similar to the price of the model I am driving this time. Facing so many competitors in the automobile market, what are the strengths of Honda haoyingrui hybrid? Looking at the car first means looking at the face first. In fact, it is the same in the field of automobile. There is no obvious difference between haoyingrui hybrid version and fuel oil version in design. They all use Honda's latest design language. They are young and fashionable, and their beauty can definitely hold the title of "the most beautiful Honda". The design of the new car's front face is fashionable and sporty, especially the application of a large number of chrome plated decorative strips in Zhongwang, which has a lot of visual spirit. What's more distinctive is the "C" shape design on both sides of the front insurance, and the black decoration runs through the whole body, which can be said to be the most eye-catching design of the whole vehicle. The new LED headlamp group at the rear of the car is the highlight of the new car. It is not only innovative, but also visually brings a stronger sense of movement. In terms of interior decoration, haoying continues the family's classic and eye-catching design style, which makes people feel very comfortable. The three spoke multi-functional leather steering wheel, LCD instrument panel, central touch color large screen and convenient entity buttons all have a good visual texture. At the same time, the silver decorative strip on the central console enhances the delicate feeling of the interior. There are still obvious differences between the details of haoyingrui hybrid and the fuel version. The most obvious difference is that the head of Rui hybrid uses the unique blue logo "H" of Hyun blue hybrid. At the same time, the two sides of the body and the rear of the vehicle are added with the unique dynamic blue logo of hybrid. The rear uses the hidden exhaust pipe structure, which further increases the identification of hybrid vehicles. In terms of interior decoration, the most obvious difference between haoyingrui hybrid and fuel version is that the former adopts Honda's advanced SBW button type electronic gearshift, and the central display screen is also equipped with hybrid style, which further highlights the technological atmosphere of the new car. What's worth mentioning here is the phantom night version of my test drive. Although there is no obvious difference in design, the phantom night version uses cool all black body, with front face matched with smoked front middle net ornaments and dazzling smoked lamp eyebrows. The body comes with its own smoked kit, and the rear is equipped with a personal tailmark, like a "Black Warrior" with its own modified style. At the same time, the phantom night version is equipped with fumigant wheel hub, and its wheel hub size is different from that of the ordinary version. The phantom night version is equipped with 235 / 55 R19 wheel hub before and after the phantom night version, while the ordinary version is equipped with 235 / 60 R18 wheel hub. In addition, the phantom night version is also equipped with a blackened interior, and the seat back also has a Black Edition exclusive logo, further highlighting different identities. Details and space are plus points. Details are to evaluate the real quality of a car. Haoying has worked hard on details. The first center console is wrapped in leather where it contacts the legs. It feels good. Even if you drive in shorts in summer, it will bring you very comfortable contact. The second is that the central armrest box, cup holder cover plate and glove box are all equipped with damping. This detail is a small detail that I pay more attention to. The third is the rear multimedia control system equipped with haoyingrui hybrid night version, which can not only control the multimedia, but also control the skylight. To be honest, don't underestimate this detail. It's a configuration that many children particularly like. The space is also a bonus of haoying. The length, width and height of the new car are 4634mm, 1855mm and 1679mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2661 (2660) mm. Its body size is just between crown road and Ponzi. Compared with other mainstream models such as Qijun, Tiguan, RAV4 Rongfang and Honda CR-V, the 4634mm length of the new car has more advantages than Tiguan, RAV4 Rongfang and Honda CR-V. But like RAV4 Rongfang and Honda CR-V, the 2661 (2660) mm wheelbase of the new car is not longer than that of tuguan and Qijun, and its ride space will be between them. The 172mm high experiencer experiences the white shadow space, adjusts the front seat to the normal driving position, and the front head distance is 4 fingers; keeps the front seat unchanged, the rear head space is more than one punch, and the leg space is close to four punches. From the perspective of the riding space, the rear space of haoying is very rich. Meanwhile, the width of 1855mm for three people is light and loose, which is the advantage of haoying. In terms of storage space, the performance of haoying is moderate. The volume of glove box, central armrest box, cup holder, door panel and rear cup holder is not very large, but it is enough for daily use. It is worth mentioning that the volume of the trunk is still unchanged even though the motor and are added to the haoyingrui hybrid. At the same time, the rear seat supports 4 / 6 reclining, which can further expand the volume of the trunk. The configuration can be used in the world. The haoyingrui hybrid system is equipped with L2 level driving aid system, tire pressure alarm, reversing image, full speed adaptive cruise, electric sunroof, five key entry, active closed air intake grille, remote start, 7-inch LCD instrument panel, active noise reduction, 5-inch central control LCD screen, LED headlight, automatic air conditioning and rear exhaust vent as standard. In this test drive, the configuration of Rui hybrid 2.0L two drive Rui magic night version is more comprehensive, including 5 airbags, front and rear parking radar, 360 degree panoramic image, side blind area image, reversing side warning system, automatic parking, etc. In terms of comfort configuration, the new car is equipped with panoramic sunroof, electric rear compartment, inductive trunk, leather seat, electric adjustment of main and co driver's seat, seat heating, electric seat memory function, rear seat heating, automatic air conditioning, temperature zone control, on-board air purifier, PM2.5 filter device in the car, negative ion generator, etc. In terms of technology configuration, the new car is equipped with HUD head up display, mobile wireless charging, 7-inch central control large screen (including GPS navigation, navigation road information display, road rescue, voice recognition control, vehicle Networking), rear control multimedia and other configurations. To be honest, the 7-inch central control large screen is a little small, especially in this era of large screen, its functions can also be controlled, such as audio, telephone, information, camera, etc. at the same time, the media source is also equipped with computer, browser, search, gallery, application tracker, download. However, the sharp hybrid 2.0L two drive sharp magic night version does not support the Carplay function, and friends who are used to the function will be a little uncomfortable. The automatic parking system equipped by haoyingrui hybrid has given me a new understanding of Honda. The system supports three ways of parking: vertical, side and side directions. What's praiseworthy here is that it can accurately identify the spare parking spaces and automatically identify the parking spaces on both sides of the car body. The advantage is that it is more intuitively displayed in the 7-inch central control large screen, and the parking spaces on both sides of the car body can be freely selected, which is better than the automatic parking system I have been exposed to in the past. At the same time, the automatic parking system of haoyingrui hybrid is not fully automatic. We need to switch gears by ourselves. Its operation process is relatively simple, and there is voice prompt, which is convenient for us to drive correctly and safely. In addition, the accuracy and security are particularly high, and the experience in different regions has a good performance. Power is the last line of defense purchased. The power system of haoying is also the most familiar one to us. Both the 1.5T engine and the third generation i-mmd dual motor hybrid system are full of passion. The breeze hybrid version is equipped with the third generation i-mmd dual motor hybrid system, which uses 2.0L Atkinson cycle double overhead camshaft gasoline engine, E-CVT and power combination composed of large capacity lithium-ion battery and DC-DC converter. Its comprehensive maximum output power is up to 158kw and maximum torque is up to 315n · M. The most powerful is that the system can automatically judge the field of expertise of motor and engine according to different driving conditions. It can seamlessly and freely switch between EV electric driving mode, hybrid driving mode and engine driving mode, and bring more comfortable driving conditions and more energy-saving fuel economy. In addition to selecting the best driving mode for different driving conditions, the engine thermal efficiency of the third generation i-mmd power system has also increased from 38.9% of the ninth generation to 40.6%. Simply put, the higher the thermal efficiency, the more fuel efficient the engine is. But it is not so difficult to improve the thermal efficiency, such as: improve the compression ratio, improve the direct injection technology and Atkinson (Miller) cycle, the main problem is how to apply to the mass production engine, and without affecting other performance, this is a big problem. The output of this power system is linear and smooth. When starting, the power performance is excellent. Basically, there is no lack of power or hard starting. If EV mode is used, there is not much difference between the driving experience and the driving experience, and the acceleration is particularly obvious; if hybrid mode is used, the engine and battery are powered at the same time, the power performance is just as good, and the back pushing feeling is full. When driving within 80km / h, the overall performance of the power is outstanding. The engine not only drives the generator motor to provide power for the drive motor, but also continuously charges the battery, so as to have a stronger power output when speeding up and overtaking. When driving at high speed, the power basically comes from 2.0L Atkinson cycle engine, with smooth overall output. When speeding up and overtaking, the power will be slightly eased, and the power performance will be more prominent when there is no medium and low speed. Haoyingrui hybrid is equipped with active noise reduction function. The sound control of the engine is perfect. It is difficult to hear the sound from the engine to the car, but the wind noise is still a little obvious. Comfort is the advantage of haoyingrui hybrid. No matter the filtration or support of the chassis, there is a very comfortable environment in the car. At the same time, the wrapping, supporting and softness of the seats are also very good. Due to the short experience, the fuel consumption was not tested. However, when getting the haoyingrui hybrid, the full tank oil dashboard shows that it can drive 725km, and interested friends can calculate by themselves. At the end of the article, for my Honda powder, haoyingrui hybrid is my favorite in terms of design, workmanship, quality, configuration and power. With its fragrant power and driving passion, it's enough for me to pay for it at any time. But from a rational point of view, haoyingrui hybrid is still an SUV with excellent performance. After all, the beauty, passion and economy that young consumers pursue all have excellent results, which is why the majority of consumers like it. It is understood that, up to now, the cumulative order of haoying has exceeded 40000 sets. At the same time, at the end of March, haoyingrui · hundong has also arrived at the 4S store in an all-round way. Your favorite friends may as well try it in the store.

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