Do you want pure electricity to save money and fuel power? These three 150000 level plug-in hybrid models are worth owning

Posted 2021-04-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Affected by the epidemic this year, the sales volume of the automobile industry fell significantly in the first quarter, especially in February. But fortunately, after the resumption of work in March, the auto industry has shown a good recovery, and the sales volume has gradually increased. In the field of new energy, the wholesale sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles in March was 56000, four times higher than that in February, of which the sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles was 9200, 5.5 times higher than that in February. Why is the sales volume of plug-in hybrid suddenly soaring? This is probably because this kind of model is so intimate. There are two reasons: first, the power source of plug-in hybrid models can be electricity or fuel. In the use process, power can be switched according to the needs, and some plug-in hybrid models can achieve pure electric range of about 80km, which can save a lot of fuel in a comprehensive way, relatively speaking, the vehicle cost is very low; Second, some consumers want to buy new energy vehicles, but they are afraid that the battery life and charging problems of pure trams will cause trouble for them. So they choose the plug-in hybrid vehicle with dual power sources, and don't have to worry about being stuck on the road. So the plug-in hybrid model is actually the power system of both new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles. It can meet all the consumers' assumptions about these two vehicles. So many rookies in the mixed market, if you want to buy it, how to choose? Today, aheng will introduce three 150000 "different personalities" plug-in players to see who is your favorite. Shengmeng Jiaolong - Han DM two days ago, Han EV ushered in the official offline. As the flagship car product to be launched by BYD, "Han" series models are very different. It is BYD's first model with "one car and two sides", that is to say, Han DM and Han EV are two different styles of design. Among them, although the design inspiration of Han DM comes from "dragon face", it is more vigorous compared with the design style of other BYD models. The "dragon whisker" in the center and the LED headlights on both sides form a whole in series. The large-area hexagonal air intake grille is very powerful, and the concave "dragon mouth" array spokes are very powerful. If I can describe it, the BYD Han DM is like a dragon ready to launch. It's very aggressive and suitable for young people with high personality. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged and permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the engine is 141kw, the maximum power of the motor is 180kW, and the endurance mileage is 80km. This power data is very excellent, which is in line with the temperament of Jiaolong. Steady lion PHEV in the automotive industry, known as "the B-class car wins the world", so it lost no time to launch the "most beautiful independent B-class car" Borui, and then launched the hybrid version of Borui Ge. If you think of this car, aheng thinks it's really stable and elegant from the inside out. The front face of Borui Ge is still the Geely family's iconic back ripple middle net design, and the waist line on the side of the car body is long and natural; for the interior part, Borui Ge is designed according to the preferences of the Chinese people, with keyless unlocking, door opening and greeting lights, electric seat steering wheel, seat ventilation and massage heating, air purification, atmosphere lights and other configurations of great style. In terms of power, Borui Ge PHEV is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine and a group with a capacity of 11.3kwh, the maximum power of the engine is 132kw, the maximum torque is 265n · m; the maximum power of the motor is 60kW, the maximum torque is 160n · m, and the pure electric endurance mileage is 60km. The comprehensive maximum power is 192kw, and the maximum torque is 425n · M. The appearance and interior decoration of Borui Ge PHEV reveal a strong business model, which is very suitable for young people who are working hard in their career. Although it is "stable", the power is not weak at all. Like a lion, it seems to be walking gracefully, but in fact, it is very explosive. Speed snow leopard - the 6 PHEV Grand Prix 6 PHEV is very young in design, just like biadhan, but the design of the Grand Prix can be relatively conservative, not so aggressive, but also retain a lot of fashion elements, making the whole car more sporty and fashionable. The trophy version of this car is equipped with exclusive fumigation sports kit, including: fumigation grille, headlight, rearview mirror, wheel hub, trim, red calipers, sports exhaust, Bose sound, etc. In terms of power, there is no doubt that the motion gene of mingjue 6 PHEV is revealed. It is equipped with a SAIC "blue core" 1.5T turbocharged engine and a single motor, matched with the second generation of SAIC 10 Speed edu intelligent electric drive, with a comprehensive maximum power of 224kw and a maximum torque of 480n · M. In addition, the acceleration time of 0-100km / h of this car is only 5.9s. When driving, the acceleration feeling is very obvious, and deep pressing on the accelerator will bring obvious push back feeling. Its explosive power is like a snow leopard suddenly attacking its prey, fast and fierce. On the whole, mingjue 6 PHEV's advantage in power is beyond the standard. If you like the passionate driving experience, this car is very suitable for you. Aheng has something to say. Finally, we compare the body size and power level of the three cars through the table, so that our friends can have a more intuitive understanding. Although the price information of BYD has not been released yet, aheng's guess is about 170000-200000 yuan. When the field of plug-in hybrid vehicles began to rise, manufacturers began to take the high-end route. According to the current sales trend, before the era of pure electricity comes, plug-in hybrid vehicles will split the sales of fuel vehicles and pure electric vehicles for a long time.

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