Configuration upgrade 2020 Tiguan l PHEVs have arrived

Posted 2021-01-10 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, we took a picture of 2020 models of tuguan l PHEV at the dealership. Compared with cash, the new car will be upgraded mainly for configuration, and its price may remain unchanged. In terms of appearance, the new models are consistent with the current models on sale. In the front part, the newly designed upper grille is inlaid with blue PHEV logo, and the exclusive C-type LED daytime running lamp has a strong sense of future and technology. The side lines of the new car are smooth and long, and PHEV exclusive side marks are added on the front fenders on both sides to highlight its identity. The size of the car body is exactly the same as that of Tiguan L, with the length, width and height of 4720 / 1839 / 1673mm and the wheelbase of 2791mm. The rear design of the new car has a sense of hierarchy, and the exclusive rear logo of PHEV model emphasizes the identity of the car. Although it is a PHEV model, there are two exhaust gases in both sides. In terms of interior decoration, there is not much difference between the plug-in version of Tiguan L and the fuel version, which still maintains the standard interior style of Volkswagen. However, the LED welcome step molding and shift cover plate are equipped with PHEV logo. The changes of the new models will be in the configuration part, and the new 8-inch entertainment information system is expected to be partially improved and more user-friendly. The air conditioning control panel of the new car will adopt a new design, and it will also be equipped with a 10.2-inch full LCD meter as standard. In addition, the car will be equipped with park assist as standard. The power of the new car is expected to remain unchanged, and it will continue to be composed of, integrated motor, intelligent electronic control management system, ea211 1.4T turbocharging, matching with dq400e 6-speed double clutch transmission. The combined maximum power of the tuguan l PHEV hybrid system is 210 horsepower, the maximum torque is 400 N ยท m, and the NEDC pure electric range is 52km.

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