Chery Ruihu 8 plug in hybrid SUV power exposure 100km comprehensive fuel consumption 1.3L

Posted 2021-02-22 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The new T1D (internal code) will be launched in the second half of this year, and the new energy products of this car have been exposed, and the T1D PHEV model is planned to be launched. Recently, a group of power information of T1D PHEV Version (8 plug-in hybrid version of Ruihu) has been obtained on the Internet. The new car is equipped with double motors, the acceleration of 100km is only 5S, and the fuel consumption of 100km is 1.3L under the comprehensive working condition. In addition, the pure electric range of the new car can reach 100km. T1D PHEV is expected to be equipped with the newly developed "hybrid version 1.5tgdi + hybrid special DHT" power assembly of Chery. Among them, the dual motor multi-mode hybrid special gearbox (DHT) developed by Chery can respectively support pure electric drive, extended range mode drive, parallel mode drive, direct drive and other 9 working modes. In addition, DHT has three power sources, which can be driven in two different gears respectively. On the one hand, there is no power interruption during the shifting process, and on the other hand, 10 combined gears can be formed to improve the power and economy of the whole vehicle. In addition, in terms of chassis, the rear suspension is also optimized to be made of aluminum alloy. Recently, information about Chery's third-generation 1.5tgdi engine has been exposed. It has two power versions. T1D PHEV is likely to use the third generation 1.5tgdi low-power engine, which adopts Miller cycle. Its working principle is to delay the closing time of intake valve, make the air change and combustion more sufficient, but reduce the power output at some low speed, so it is mainly used in the system, with the maximum power of 130kW and peak torque of 260n. M.

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