Chery's new "large" SUV street shot is exposed! It is estimated that 150000 yuan will be sold

Posted 2020-10-22 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

New energy brand new "large" (internal code: s61) has previously been offline from Wuhu plant. The Ministry of vehicle industry and information technology applied for the name of "eq5", which is based on LFS all aluminum body platform. Recently, we obtained the street photo of Chery new energy eq5. The new car uses a new design language different from the previous Chery, with a maximum endurance of 600km. According to the competitive models such as Ruihu E and Xiaopeng G3, the starting price of this brand-new flagship SUV is expected to be around 150000 yuan. Eq5 (internal code: s61) is Chery new energy brand's upward heavy model. The front face of the new car is designed with split headlights, which is similar to some others; the side is designed with sliding back, which is very dynamic. The wheelbase of the new car is 2805mm, and it is positioned as a compact SUV. In the future, it will compete with other models such as Xiaopeng G3, etc. In terms of configuration, Chery new energy eq5 provides panoramic skylight, dual 12 inch integrated large screen, AI intelligent voice control and other configurations. According to previous plans, the new car will go on sale in the middle of this year. In terms of body size, Chery new energy eq5 is 4630 × 1910 × 1655mm in length, width and height, and 2805mm in wheelbase, which is larger than that of Xiaopeng G3. It is understood that the new car will provide two types of drive, rear drive and four-wheel drive, and a version will be launched in the future.

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