Changan Ford's revamped production line will be put into production with a pure electric Mustang with a endurance of 600km

Posted 2022-06-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Ford released the "acceleration plan" in September last year, and will launch 18 new products by the end of 2021, including explorers, domestic Lincoln and five new energy models. Changan Ford will transform its existing production line and put into production a brand new model code cx727, the city recently learned from Changan Ford. We have learned from other channels that the cx727 is a Bev model, which is expected to be the pure electric Mustang mach-e that has been released overseas before, and the wltp driving range of European model is up to 592km (more than 600km under NEDC standard). At the end of 2019, Changan Ford launched the design bidding for technical transformation project of cx727 passenger car production line. The reconstruction area involved in the project is about 22000 square meters, and the existing production lines in the sample car workshop are reconstructed to meet the production needs of welding and general assembly. The design cost is about 1.9 million yuan, and the total design period is 216 days. In 2020, the project has published the announcement of the proposed bid winning results. In addition, the bidding work for three parts of cx727, floor assembly, main assembly welding production line and side wall, door cover and BIW Welding production line has also been started. Judging from the current progress, the cx727 model is expected to be put into production in 2021. In addition, from the work experience of an engineer, we found that he was fully responsible for the development of new products of start stop battery vrl040 of North America Changan cx727 Bev pure electric vehicle AGM. This also confirms that the cx727 model is a pure electric vehicle, and Mustang mach-e is the first pure electric vehicle in the North American market, so there is a high possibility that the cx727 is Mustang mach-e. Mustang mach-e retains many Mustang design elements in terms of appearance. The front part of the car adopts a closed front grille. The headlights are very long, and the side of the car body has a slight sliding back feeling, which makes the car look more moving. Four buttons on the door replace the traditional door handle. It has a strong sense of the future. The taillights continue Mustang's classic design. The interior part of the new car is simple, equipped with a full LCD Meter and a 15.5-inch vertical central control large screen. The new car provides Standard Version, long-term rear drive version and long-term four-wheel drive version of various power models, among which the European Standard Version of long-term rear drive version of wltp has a range of 592km, which is expected to reach this level in the future, and will compete with model 3 and other models after being put on the market.

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