Carnavicom launches lidar sensors at CES to reduce the cost of autonomous driving by 26%

Posted 2023-04-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to foreign media reports, South Korean auto supplier carnavicom presented its latest developed lidar sensor at CES 2020. Carnavicom mainly provides advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) components for the automotive market. (photo source: carnavicom) due to the local purchase of BLDC, LD and APD parts and key components, the average cost of carnavicom's new lidar scanning sensor has decreased by 26%, so that the lidar sensor can be integrated into other lidar products and applications at a reasonable cost 。 Carnavicom presents the advanced vl-as16 lidar sensor, a 16 wire scanning device for autonomous driving environments. In addition, carnavicom also demonstrated the newly developed 3-wire lidar, and announced plans to launch a solid-state lidar device with a reasonable price and a wavelength of 1550nm, as well as a multi-functional industrial lidar. With the help of lidar sensors, cars can drive safely and avoid collision accidents by detecting obstacles such as pedestrians and cyclists in front of them. "We have been developing advanced LiDAR sensors, which shows that we always put the safety of vehicle occupants and pedestrians first," said Jeremy Chong, CEO of carnavicom Since its inception in 2001, carnavicom has been growing. In order to deploy ADAS technology, in 2019, carnavicom invested 4 billion South Korea to build SMT production line, hoping to make the annual capacity of lidar sensors exceed 1.8 million. Currently, carnavicom is the supplier of Mercedes Korea's DVR and ETCS, and the parent company of vugera. Vugera is the largest rear market dash cam brand in South Korea, and the brand plans to launch products in North America in the second quarter of this year.

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