Can the actual endurance of 706km Xiaopeng P7 exceed 668km model 3?

Posted 2021-03-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At the end of April, the p7 of Xiaopeng will be launched. As a real model 3 model in China, its every move has attracted much attention. In particular, it is said that the NEDC endurance of Xiaopeng P7 will exceed 700km, while that of Tesla Model 3 is only 668km. In this way, Tesla's proud endurance advantage will no longer exist. With lower price, better configuration and stronger endurance, the independent new energy brand may really be able to fight a turnaround. So the key here is, what's the real performance of Xiaopeng's P7 706km endurance? As you all know, the endurance of domestic new energy pure electric vehicles has been criticized. The water content of virtual mileage is too large, which is one of the reasons why you choose Tesla. At least at present, the electric control management level of Tesla products is still the top in the world. As for Xiaopeng, many of its members are from the Tesla team, and there have been disputes before. Tesla has accused Xiaopeng of stealing its technology patent, whether it is true or not. But it's not hard to see that at least Tesla's attention has been drawn and even seen as a threat. So can we think that Tesla has recognized Xiaopeng's technical strength and put Xiaopeng at the same height as itself? So, can Xiaopeng really achieve the abnormal energy management level like Tesla? The answer lies in Xiaopeng G3. Many media have already tested the actual endurance of Xiaopeng G3. I refer to several test results and find that the actual endurance of Xiaopeng G3 is basically lower than 70% of NEDC's, which you can also refer to. Here I choose a test data that I think is of reference value as follows: why is this data of reference value? I'll explain it later. However, according to the G3 endurance discount of Xiaopeng, it can be roughly estimated that the long endurance of Xiaopeng P7 NEDC is 706km, and the actual endurance should be 706 × 0.64 = 451.8km, even though the actual endurance is still less than 500km with a 70% discount. What should be the actual endurance of long-range model 3? Previously, foreign media reported that the US consumer report tested the model 3. The testers said: "the Tesla Model 3 we tested is equivalent to the 499km range set by the EPA, but in the long-distance mode, its range reaches 560km." In this regard, Elon Musk also personally sent a congratulatory message. In fact, compared with NEDC in Europe and wtlp standard in the United Nations, EPA in the United States is indeed closer to the actual endurance mileage, so we can conclude that EPA endurance of model 3 is the actual endurance. On Tesla's US website, the long-term model 3 has an EPA range of 322 miles, or 518km. That is to say, model 3 with long endurance of NEDC 668km, the actual endurance should be about 518km. It can also explain why the above data has reference value. From the table above, it can be seen that the actual endurance of Tesla Model 3 is 0.75 of NEDC, so the long endurance version of NEDC 668km model 3, the actual endurance is 668 × 0.75 = 501km, very close to EPA 518km. In this case, the actual endurance of Xiaopeng P7 with NEDC of 706km may not exceed 500km, while that of Tesla Model 3 with NEDC of 668km may exceed 500km. And don't forget, Tesla can also upgrade EPA endurance through OTA upgrade. At present, it is known that the USA model 3 has been upgraded through OTA and optimized the motor management and control strategy. After that, the EPA endurance has increased from 499km to 518km. Can Xiaopeng do this? So Xiaopeng P7 706km may still not be able to do 668km of model 3. But in general, Xiaopeng P7 is not completely uncompetitive. After all, the actual endurance gap is very small. For the actual endurance of 500km, some gaps can be ignored. The advantage of Xiaopeng P7 is obviously that the pre-sale price is only 240000-370000 yuan, and the expected listing price is still much cheaper than Tesla Model 3. Secondly, in terms of power, the version corresponding to PK model 3 of Xiaopeng P7, no matter the rear drive version or the fourth drive version, does not fall behind at all, especially in terms of the parameters of the fourth drive version. Finally, in terms of body size, Xiaopeng P7 has a body length of 4900mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm, which is similar to Tesla Model S. for model 3 with a length of 4694mm and a wheelbase of 2875mm, it can be said to be a dimension reduction strike. In addition, in terms of intelligent Internet connection, Xiaopeng P7 adopts Qualcomm snapdragon 820a processor, integrated with a highly intelligent voice assistant, a deeply integrated Internet of vehicles ecosystem, and a customized car Android system. I think the experience should be more consistent with the use habits of domestic car owners. Of course, all of this needs to be verified after Xiaopeng P7 goes public. Before that, we might as well keep our expectation for it.

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