Call Tesla! The first mass production SUV of BAIC high-end brand appeared on the market, with a continuous voyage of 653km

Posted 2020-11-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 22, the first mass-produced pure electric SUV of high-end intelligent new energy vehicle brand was launched, named α - t, and the official picture was released. Arcfox α - t is operated by Walter de Silva, the world's top automobile designer, who uses the "X" family design language. The body waistline runs from one side of the body to the tail, and then detours to the other side of the body again, like a beam of flowing light. The smooth light like waistline and its hidden hand complement each other, bringing the lowest wind resistance coefficient of 0.288cd in the same level. Arcfox α - t applies intelligent LED matrix lighting system, as well as concealed door handle with intelligent opening and resetting function, mechanical cutting wheel hub, colored roof and super large panoramic skylight with a length of more than 2 meters and a coverage area of 2.6 square meters. The length, width and height of arcfox α - t are 4788 × 1940 × 1683mm, with a wheelbase of 2915mm. The wheellength of the step-by-step distance brings a large comfortable space, and it is comfortable to be in the car as if you are in the living room. α rcfox α - t adopts the world's top intelligent cockpit central Haman system and uses 4 × 4 super interactive large screen design, of which the 935mm wide central control screen is the world's first 20.3-inch widest 4K customized large screen, with the width equivalent to 3 iPhone XS Max connected, bringing users cinema like audio-visual experience with intelligent interaction. In terms of sound, arcfox α - t uses Hamann quantum logic immersion surround sound technology to provide passengers with a wide and natural surround sound experience. At the same time, arcfox α - t also uses multi-dimensional recognition technology, such as face, emotion, gesture, voice print, touch, etc., and intelligent control is as you wish. Arcfox is equipped with a-pilot driving aid system, with 23 high-precision sensors, which can easily realize automatic car following, lane keeping, lane changing, autonomous obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance, traffic sign recognition, vehicle parking aid, driving out and other auxiliary systems. In this intelligent era, the vehicle is no longer a substitute tool, but a mobile intelligent terminal, enjoying the fun of intelligent driving. Arcfox α - t comes for the future. Arcfox has the world's first IMC (intelligent module criterion) intelligent module standard architecture with 5g technology, which integrates intelligent driving, intelligent interaction and intelligent electric drive system. Based on the IMC architecture, arcfox α - t carries Huawei's new generation of mh5000 5g chip T-box to realize the real travel experience of the new generation of 5g intelligent electric vehicles. Arcfox α - t power assembly is jointly built by Siemens, fareor, borgwana and other international top enterprises, adopting the latest three in one high integration technology scheme in the world, which is lighter in weight, smaller in volume and at the international leading level in performance index. In terms of endurance mileage, arcfox α - t motor has a power of 160kW and a torque of 360nm, which is superior to the same level of domestic models. Arcfox α - t is equipped with a high density and large capacity group made by sk of South Korea, with a maximum capacity of 93.6kwh and NEDC of 653km.

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