"Bold" Tesla and rational truck manufacturers

Posted 2020-08-28 00:26:21 +0000 UTC

On November 17, Beijing time, the U.S. released the electric truck semi, and its performance parameters let a group of melon eaters "wow Wow... Whoa, whoa, a direct truck can be so cool. First, let's look at some important parameters: the above non mass production vehicle data, and the final interpretation right belongs to Tesla. Electric truck has never been a new thing. For many years, one of the most critical factors that electric truck has been difficult to develop is that the vehicle's mileage has no advantage over the fuel vehicle, or even is in the state of being crushed. The 200-250km endurance of ordinary electric light truck is destined to be used only for short distance distribution in urban areas, and the daily mileage is less than 200km or about 200km.

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