Biyadihan real vehicle exposure dragon front face with through tail light

Posted 2020-11-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

From the aspect of beauty, Han has achieved the mainstream. As one of its mainstream electric products, the arrival of BYD Han has filled the gap in the field of BYD's high-end performance electric vehicles. A new model will be launched in the market this year, from the perspective of product power system equipment and size performance. It is said that BYD will be a high-end electric vehicle directly benchmarked with model 3. From the perspective of current technology disclosure, it is not unlikely. Recently, the trial run of byd-han officially revealed that although there is still a certain gap compared with the concept car, it has also achieved the design benchmark as the flagship model. The BYD designed by egger, the former design director of Audi, has a lot of charm, especially the design style, texture and sense of technology of the Dragon front face. The design style of the old front middle net and the design and modeling of the headlight have been transplanted to a certain extent. It can be seen that even if this design language appears in BYD, it can also bring better visual effect. As for the tail shape design, the technology sense and design sense brought by the LED tail light are enough to bring better visual impact. Compared with the previous BYD model, the design has been further improved. Due to the model, there is no traditional exhaust device under the rear. From the analysis of the overall style of the interior exposed on the Internet, the design style of Hanchao is quite obvious. Compared with other BYD models, both the steering wheel and the color matching of the whole vehicle have obvious differences. Of course, the biggest advantage lies in the sense of science and technology, such as the sense of science and technology provided by the full LCD instrument panel and the central control large screen and the novelty brought by the electronic gear lever, which can bring more excellent visual effect. Of course, the materials and workmanship of this generation of BYD products have also been significantly improved. The seat risk and splicing materials have more eye-catching advantages. In fact, consumers are more concerned about the performance of the power system. According to the information, BYD blades will appear in the new Han. According to the previous data, the Han DM version will have a 100 kilometer acceleration performance within 5 seconds. The three power systems will still arrive as scheduled, and fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles will also appear. Among them, the basic power engine 2.0T will still be available, with the maximum horsepower of 192ps. The DM version will also match the 245ps permanent magnet synchronous drive motor. As for EV model, due to the appearance of blade battery, the vehicle's endurance will reach 605km. Zhao Changjiang of BYD previously said that BYD Han will be a flagship directly benchmarked, which is the "million level" standard in BYD system in terms of size, design, performance and materials. Of course, in terms of design, this set of BYD Han is also comparable to the million level Audi administrative car in terms of appearance value. However, in terms of the price, the price rate of BYD is probably not too high. After all, its competitors will be model 3's competitors in terms of the system.

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