Besides Tesla, there are two types of 300000 luxury electric vehicles

Posted 2020-12-24 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The May Day holiday is approaching, the situation of foreign epidemic is not clear, and the domestic national cultural and sports activities and cross-border tourism are not restored temporarily. What do you do for a five-day holiday for a friend who likes to travel? It's not allowed to cross provinces and borders. Let's have an intercity outing. In addition to BBQ and beautiful scenery, a perfect outing can not do without a powerful car. For the first tier and second tier city users with limited license and travel restrictions, purchasing can solve the travel problems in the fastest time. In the field of electric vehicles, "danghong fried chicken" belongs to model 3 and ES6. As we all know, in fact, there is also a strong player about to be born, it is Tianji me7. From the factory building, R & D, experiment, pre-sale to the coming delivery and listing, Tianji me7 will usher in the final step towards the market. Strength is the absolute truth. What is the performance of the upcoming Tianji me7 in front of Tesla Model 3 and Weilai ES6? I will take you to find out. Tianji's first luxury intelligent electric me7 appearance: from trend to pioneer reconstruction "just looks at you in the crowd and never forgets your face. "Studies have shown that people who are good-looking get more opportunities in their lives than people with average looks. It's the same with cars, which always make people feel good about each other at a glance. How many points do you give for Wellcome ES6, Tianji me7 and Tesla Model 3? Let's make a direct comparison between the three cars. At the beginning of the birth of velai ES6, Tianji me7, and Tesla Model 3, Tesla's appearance, which is quite different from that of traditional cars, has attracted many people's surprise. This minimalist design is the trend of future electric vehicle design. As can be seen from the black model version 3 we brought this time, it abandoned the design of air intake grille, eliminated all unnecessary things, and adopted the sliding back design in the shape, which is different from the hatchback design of model s and, which makes its tail look more compact and solid. And Wei Lai, known as "Chinese Tesla", also uses Tesla's simple style for reference in the body shape. The black ES6 performance version we brought this time continues the family style design factors - X-bar front face, skyline and heartbeat tail lamp. The skyline has been applied to ep9 as early as possible, and DNA upgrading has been carried out on ES6. It creates a traditional luxury SUV elegant sense with two sculpture curves in front and back, supplemented by suspended car top camp. If you think that's the pinnacle of electric luxury design, you're wrong. "Avant-garde reconstruction aesthetics" led by Mr. Hakan saracoglu, a former Porsche designer and now vice president of Tianji automobile design, is the design. Tianji me7's beauty value is very "able to fight". As can be seen from the white me7 we have brought this time, its "surface control (70% curved surface + 30% line)" design technique creates a sense of power like a luxury sports car. In addition, as the light where the "charm" of vehicle appearance is located, Tianji me7 adopts LED light source and has intelligent light interaction system. In the parking lot of the outing, the owners beside are all "people looking for cars". However, the Tianji me7 light interaction system can actively "say hello" to the author in the way of combination lighting, which makes the author who is far away to Tianji me7 quite "superior". From the perspective of body size, the overall data of Weilai ES6 should be better, and the actual experience of riding space is also very spacious. Although the wheelbase of Tesla Model 32875mm is also excellent, its riding space performance is not satisfactory, and the rear row is very crowded with baby seats. The Tianji me7 benefits from the 1970 mm width of the car body, and the space behind the spare box is quite considerable. The ball bag we carry can be put horizontally, which is something many models can't do. Interior: what's more than a large screen? In addition to the innovative appearance, the interior of the car models are often more concise. No matter Tesla or Weilai, the interior of pure electric car models seems to have become a large screen competition, so what else is there besides the large screen? The interior of the imported Tesla Model 3 also continues the minimalist design of appearance. In addition to a large central control screen and a steering wheel with two multi-function buttons, the word "open" can be used to describe it. Tesla Model 3 interior Wellcome ES6 performance edition introduces the design of skyline into the car, the 11.3-inch central control screen is very conspicuous, adding a good scientific and technological atmosphere to the whole car, while the banner air-conditioning outlet effectively enhances the visual width of the car. The interior of Weilai ES6 needs to have a large screen, and the sky me7 is not weak at all. It has five large screens and adopts the design of the encircling star cabin. The material texture of the body on the instrument panel with three connected screens is good, which is said to be the same as the model. In addition, its PVC coated skin comes from Benecke beneck, the world's top manufacturer of interior decorative materials for cars and commercial vehicles, while its 3D mesh supplier comes from Mller mill in Germany, which guarantees the luxury of interior decoration. Tianji me7 interior intelligent: see who is more "black technology". With the further maturity of intelligent driving, 5g communication, big data center and other technologies, the concept of "car" is also evolving. The current intelligent car and the car that was manually shifted 20 years ago can't be compared with each other. When more and more intelligent technology is loaded on the car, the car is also given more responsibility. As the leader of electric intelligent vehicles in the industry, Tesla has set up a big flag in the intelligent system, and model 3 is equipped with autopilot automatic driving aid function. After the function is turned on, vehicles can automatically assist in steering, acceleration and braking according to other vehicles and pedestrians in the driving lane. Through the OTA software update, the vehicle will continue to upgrade and improve. Model 3 is equipped with autopilot The intelligent performance of Evo ES6 is also outstanding. It is equipped with the NOMI on-board artificial intelligence system. Based on the powerful on-board computing ability and cloud computing platform, it integrates the voice interaction system and Intelligent Emotion engine. It can control the vehicle with voice. When it wakes up and leaves, it actively greets the people in the vehicle and provides nearly 90 groups of humanized tables Love. In addition, Weilai ES6 also carries the latest NiO OS 2.5.0 vehicle machine system, which has been upgraded in three aspects: intelligent interconnection, NiO pilot automatic assistant driving and digital cockpit. However, there is no additional 39000 yuan power pack in the performance version of Wellcome ES6, so it is unable to experience ACC adaptive cruise, high-speed congestion automatic driving aid, automatic parking and other complete functions. Of course, in this "black technology" competition, as the "latecomer" of the sky car is not weak. Tianji me7 is equipped with Bosch l2.5 pilot assist Intelligent driving assistance system, including 16 intelligent driving assistance functions such as APA full-automatic parking system, ACC adaptive cruise with automatic car following, ICA integrated high-speed intelligent cruise function, AEB automatic emergency brake with pedestrian identification, etc., especially APA automatic parking function is very cool, using mobile phone app, people can also Park remotely outside the car, which leads to the parking lot in the actual experience A crowd of other car owners. Tianji me7 is equipped with Bosch l2.5-level pilot assist intelligent driving assistance system in the function of Internet of vehicles. Relying on the ima intelligent digital architecture independently developed by Tianji automobile, Tianji me7 has 84 scientific and technological configurations such as 5 + x-screen Instant Internet, AI Sprite, face recognition, 3D UI, etc., and its intelligent degree impresses the author in this outing. As mentioned above, Tianji me7 can actively "say hello" to the car owner through the lighting system. Then the door can be unlocked through Bluetooth, mobile app and other keyless ways. Enter the car and sit, face to the front, the face recognition function can automatically identify the driver's identity, the seat, rear-view mirror, air conditioning, etc. are directly and automatically adjusted to the status of the author's personal ID Association, which is very intelligent and convenient. "Hello, Xiaotian, open the sunroof". Wake up the AI spirit "Xiaotian" to help you open the sunroof. You can enjoy the fresh air outside the car. It is particularly worth mentioning that on this trip, four people in my party sit in the me7 in the sky, and there is a "exclusive large screen" in front of each person in front of the front and back rows, which can be operated freely without any influence on each other: listening to music, watching movies, navigation Of course, the four large screens plus the instrument panel have the "5 + X screen Instant Internet" function. The five screens can share each other's content, and can also be connected to mobile phones and other devices. Sitting in the back row, the author experienced the mode of multi screen sharing on the spot, sharing the favorite variety show to the front row with one button, and the actual operation process was very sensitive and convenient. It is understood that Tianji automobile has also jointly opened up two major life scenes of travel and home through the "Zhiyun" car Union ecological partner, which also makes Tianji me7 become a comprehensive and full scene service system instead of a simple vehicle. Of course, for a pure electric vehicle, the range and performance are also the most concerned by consumers. In fact, the pure electric vehicle at the level of 300000 has excellent performance in terms of both endurance and performance. According to the current public data, the comprehensive operating range of the performance version of Weilai ES6 is 430km, with a driving motor at the front and back, with a maximum output power of 400KW and peak torque of 725nm; Tesla Model 3. The imported long-range four-wheel drive has a comprehensive driving capacity of 590km, and the two models have entered the "4-second club" at 100km acceleration, which is a good choice for speed seeking consumers. Weilai ES6 and Tesla Model accelerate to enter the "4 seconds club" at the speed of 300 kilometers, while the endurance mileage of Tianji me7 to be launched and delivered is 530 kilometers under the comprehensive working condition, equipped with the latest generation of Bosch 170 kW flat copper permanent magnet synchronous motor. It is worth mentioning that its 100 km braking distance is only 34.9 meters, compared with BMW X series, with excellent safety performance. It is reported that Tianji me7 has experienced many severe test tests in extreme cold, heat, humidity and other extreme environments, and has carried out a comprehensive test on the reliability of the whole vehicle. "Tianji automobile is committed to creating high-end products with 'products + interesting' for users. We believe that repeated and rigorous tests are essential to ensure the quality and reliability of the whole vehicle. "The chairman and CEO of Tianji automobile once said. We can see that Tesla Model 3 and Weilai ES6 have been on the market for a long time and have been famous for a long time, but that doesn't mean they all have a chance. Almost the same price, anyone wants to get better products. The exterior and interior design of Tianji me7 is undoubtedly the most amazing. The five big screens in the car are more eye-catching, which can not only realize the interconnection, but also create a strong scientific and technological atmosphere for the whole vehicle. When traveling, family members can share a movie, which can not only share the beauty of life, but also make the journey "interesting, loving and accompanied". The 530km endurance is enough for home use and running in the suburbs It's no surprise that traveling is a good choice for the urban middle class. It's worth noting that Tianji automobile's tour activity of Shanghai and Suzhou "the whole city can't be noticed but meet - Tianji me7 City Adventure Tour" is going on. Friends who are interested in Tianji me7 may wish to experience it on site.

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