Beijing: three electric lifetime warranty for all new energy models

Posted 2021-02-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, Beijing Automobile announced the policy of "three electric lifetime warranty" for all new energy models. The first private owner of Beijing's new energy vehicle after January 1, 2020 will enjoy the lifetime free warranty commitment of, electric motor, electric control and core integrated electrical components. "The above picture is beijing-eu7" and "the above picture is beijing-ex3". This policy covers beijing-eu7, beijing-eu5, beijing-ex5, beijing-ex3, EC5, BAIC new energy EC3 and Lite models. For potential users of new energy vehicles, the three electricity system is a key factor for car purchase. Compared with the industry's mainstream three electricity quality assurance policy of 8 years or 150000 kilometers, Beijing automobile is the first in the industry to launch the "three electricity lifetime quality assurance" policy for all series of new energy vehicles. According to the official data of Beijing automobile, the total mileage of new energy vehicles under Beijing automobile is more than 12.1 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to 300000 circles around the earth's equator, fully verifying its three electric technology strength and reliable quality.

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