Beauty / space / configuration I want four pure electric household cars

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What is the charm of a high-quality electric car? People who have really experienced it will be overwhelmed by its quiet and comfortable driving quality. The new energy market, which has been licensed and cultivated, now has its own ability. With the gradual maturity of ternary lithium battery technology, electric vehicle endurance has reached a higher level. More and more independent brands and even joint venture brands have successively launched vehicles with sufficient endurance, space, configuration and attractive appearance. In view of the above pain points that consumers value in buying cars, we selected four most representative home electric vehicles with prices ranging from 150000 to 200000 from independent brands and joint-venture brands for comprehensive comparison and horizontal evaluation. What are the models and why? The independent brand started earlier in the domestic new energy market, so how can the electric vehicle horizontal evaluation reduce the current hot seed players. For example, aion s mainly focuses on the high-end electric vehicle market, and takes excellent sales performance when it comes to Guangzhou. It can be seen everywhere in Guangzhou as an online car Hailing vehicle in Guangzhou. It is one of the new power products of car building in recent years. Although the appearance of this online red product is mediocre, it has occupied the top sales volume of the new power in the early stage of its birth. Like all the new powers, the concept of car building also revolves around car + Internet thinking. Let alone I say more about EU5. It's cheaper to buy a car online in Shenzhen than the entry-level car. Changxun is a rising star just listed at the beginning of this year. It is not ambiguous that the joint venture brand has built a pure electric vehicle. It has complete configuration and the right price. It only needs half the price of Tesla Model 3. Among the four models selected by us this time, the price range is basically 150000-200000 yuan. Of course, the specific models involved in the evaluation have a certain price gap due to configuration. This article is not a direct horizontal comparison of the advantages and disadvantages, but a more comprehensive display of their models in the design, configuration, space these three dimensions, for everyone's valuable purchase opinions. Body size comparison model Xiaopeng g3es6 Weima Ex5 GAC new energy aion s length (mm) 4665 4768 4650 4585 width (mm) 1813 1880 1820 1835 height (mm) 1538 1530 1510 1672 wheelbase (mm) 2660 2750 2670 2703 note: data source table: When the electric vehicle appears in our life, the first thing that attracts us is the new shape, so the first impression of the electric vehicle is very important. Unlike the fuel car, the shape design of the electric car is less bound by many rules and regulations, so it can show its strength in the design. A break from the traditional shape design is more conducive to capturing the hearts of young people. Among the four cars, Changxun and aion s are the two cars that have not been greasy for a long time, and they all create a fresh and refined high-end feeling. The Vemma Ex5 and 5 are the most similar to the traditional fuel vehicle in many new electric vehicles, which are somewhat mediocre in comparison. Summary of appearance experience: in terms of the appearance value of the four vehicles, I will vote for Changxun. As a joint venture, Chevy Changxun is the most unique, with strong cross-border flavor, and has many aesthetic design elements such as suspended roof, 17 inch two-color sports hub. In terms of configuration, the price distribution of Changxun's high and low configuration is relatively uniform. The high configuration model of 174900 yuan has a price advantage among the four models, and its configuration in all aspects is also perfect. Aion s is a player with balanced comprehensive strength in all aspects, and its price allocation is very close to Changxun. Beiqi EU5 has the lowest entry price threshold and high cost performance, which is one of the reasons why it is more popular, but the whole car lacks a sense of refinement. The Vemma Ex5 is the most expensive one in the price range of the four models, and it has not been replaced with the corresponding configuration of the price. Adaptive cruise and seat heating also need to be optional. Interior decoration: double large screen is an essential quality of electric vehicles at this price. The interior materials, seat materials, etc. have been properly improved. The interior materials of the four vehicles are all very good. The soft touch is the performance of this price. Changxun and aion s are excellent in this respect. There is no peculiar smell in the interior of these two cars. On the contrary, Weima Ex5 still needs to be improved in terms of the peculiar smell in the interior of new cars. What's left is a gust of technology wind from new energy. Double screen has become an essential configuration for everyone to choose cars, and the most important thing for these four cars is "large screen". Summary of interior decoration experience: Changxun's comprehensive strength in interior decoration, practical degree of vehicle and machine, configuration and other aspects is relatively balanced, the gap between medium and low configuration models and high configuration models is not large, and the interior materials are basically in place; aion S looks and feels very classy, but there is a big difference between the low-end and high-end models in terms of configuration. Those who are interested in it can skip the low-end models directly. The interior design of BAIC new energy EU5 is relatively old-fashioned, which does not reflect the scientific and technological sense of new energy. The overall design is a bit of middle-aged and old style. As a part of the new force, the vehicle and machine system breaks the inherent thinking, but the interior materials are not used And Changxun. In the process of seat comparison experience, we mainly consider the seat material, filling hardness and rear seat experience. Domestic consumers are very sensitive to comfort, especially the softness of seats, so we will focus on the comfort of four models. The softest one is aion s of GAC new energy, followed by Chevy Cheong patrol, followed by EU5 of BAIC and Ex5 of Weima. New energy vehicles often occupy a part of the car space because of the addition of the bottom, which makes the ride attitude higher. So we invited the 165cm long legged beauty editor to have a ride experience. After horizontal comparison, we got some unexpected results: for example, the reasonable structure and layout of Changxun, which has not much advantage in wheelbase, based on the positive research and development, has the best rear leg space, while the head space of BAIC new energy EU5, which is a car, is the best. Through this comparison, we also come to another interesting conclusion: as a new energy vehicle, the structure and layout of Chevy cruiser is more reasonable than the new energy vehicle improved on the basis of fuel vehicle design. Summary of seat space experience: at the beginning of the seat experience part, we have already announced some answers. The seat filling is the thickest and softest one of GAC new energy aion s, while the seat fabric design is the best one of Chevy Cheong patrol. The middle distance of Beiqi EU5 seat and the design orientation of Weima Ex5 front and rear seats are different, and the front seats pay more attention to supporting performance. Who is the best storage space to make the next comparison to the storage space? Our criteria are also very simple. It mainly depends on the number of storage spaces and the size of the storage space. It is not easy to use. Among the four vehicles, the best storage space is Guangqi new energy aion s, which has the largest number of storage grids and is easy to use. Changxun's number of storage compartments is in the middle of the scale, but it is more flexible. The front central cup holder adopts the magic cup holder design, which can be changed into a storage compartment for mobile phones, wallets and other personal belongings when the baffle is removed. The expansibility is the best among the four vehicles. Aion s adopts a layered storage grid design, but the lower space is shallow, the upper layout is reasonable, and the placement of mobile phones and other items is very convenient, and the door plate and cupholder space is also large, so aion s storage space is the best. The storage space of BAIC EU5 is the worst, mainly due to the small number of storage grids and the lack of flexible features, as well as the small space of door plate and cup holder. The storage space of Vemma Ex5 ranks the second in a comprehensive way. It also adopts a layered storage grid design, but the front-end mobile phone storage grid will be blocked by the screen, which is very inconvenient to use. The lower storage grid has designed a data line channel, which is a bonus. Summary today's horizontal review shows the performance of these four household electric vehicles from the four dimensions of beauty, configuration, space and comfort. After several rounds of competition, each of these four vehicles has its own advantages. But among the four vehicles, Changxun has the strongest comprehensive ability. We have to lament that Chevrolet, with a hundred years of car building history and 25 years of new energy R & D experience, has produced such a household electric vehicle that is suitable for domestic consumption. At the same time, it also has the new generation of mylink + smart link system, agixing smart car link system, virtual key and other unique and practical technology configuration. By logging in to the agixing account, you can monitor the vehicle condition in real time, and can start the vehicle positioning, remote start, door locking and other functions. By using the virtual key function, you can start the vehicle only by using your mobile phone, which are the actual vehicles Great convenience. Besides, there is a strong brand endorsement behind it, so the safety and quality can be well guaranteed. Other models also have their own advantages, such as the practicability of aion s space, the cost performance of BAIC EU5 and the vehicle engine ecology of Weima Ex5, but they are not as attractive as Changxun.

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