Based on E-Flex platform, karma launched a new L4 class self driving truck

Posted 2020-12-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Karma, a foreign "new power of car building", hopes that it is not only a car manufacturer, but also a company that is selling the revero GT extended range electric car. It also plans to provide design, engineering services and the whole vehicle platform in the future. In late March, karma launched the E-Flex modular platform, which aims to solve the electric vehicle chassis of future electric vehicle travel scheme. Its chassis technology is applicable to automatic driving multi-functional trucks, trucks, daily commuter vehicles, and many types of high-performance super vehicles. Based on the platform, karma has already produced the revero GT electric car, but karma said that it will design up to five models around the platform, the second of which is the E-Flex van concept car recently revealed. The E-Flex Van is built on the E-Flex platform, but Karma has yet to release its power data and range data. However, as far as we know, it will be built on E-Flex platform or i-flat. The karma E-Flex platform can be flexibly configured with up to 22 vehicle solutions, and the buyer can specify the number of motors required, up to four. However, if a truck like E-Flex van is equipped with four motors, the cargo space will be affected. Of course, the flexibility of E-Flex platform is not only these, it also cooperates with domestic weride company to install systems for vehicles, and the level of automatic driving can reach L4, which means that vehicles should be able to drive automatically for a long time. The WeRide system is based on Nvidia's powerful Drive AGX Pegasus automatic driving computing platform, which can achieve up to 320 trillion deep learning operations per second. This energy-efficient, high-performance AI computer can run a series of deep neural networks at the same time to achieve safe, highly automatic and fully automatic driving. In addition to the revero GT and E-Flex van, karma will also launch pickup trucks and even supercars. Other vehicles based on the E-Flex platform will also be on display in the coming months, one of which will be a supercar, the company said.

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