Baqi does not lose the expectation of Range Rover Mitsubishi gt-phev

Posted 2022-07-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Speaking of cars, I'm afraid that most of the people who can get rid of their pants are Mitsubishi's Pajero and Evo, which is indeed Mitsubishi's glorious moment and Mitsubishi's past. Today's Mitsubishi language is less and less, and the product update speed is not as fast as before, but this does not mean that Mitsubishi has left. There is no news that the appearance of Mitsubishi Outlander has come out. In fact, it is the gt-phev concept car exhibited by Mitsubishi at the 2017 Shanghai auto show. In the future, Mitsubishi Outlander is expected to sell the plug-in hybrid car models as the main market. After all, the reputation of outlander is good. At least in 2019, the PHEV model of Mitsubishi Outlander achieved 49649 sales results, and the sales volume of new energy vehicles in the world Ranked seventh in the list. Looking at the design of the car, it belongs to a more avant-garde type. From the design of the body shape contour, we can see that the car has enough momentum, enough to roll over the same level of the model of the super Range Rover. At the same time, the door opening design of the car is used in the lament car, which is relatively new. It may be another thing after mass production. In terms of power, Mitsubishi gt-phev is expected to be equipped with 1.5T gasoline and a set of plug-in hybrid power system, among which, the hybrid model is composed of three motors and a 2.0L engine, with a pure electric range of 120 km, while in the mode, the comprehensive range of 1200 km, and the fuel consumption of 100 km is only 1.9l. Of course, this is just how to expect the performance of its mass production models in the data level.

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