BYD Qin Pro EV offers 18000 song Max and other cars for at least 2 months

Posted 2021-10-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

"Qin Pro EV has a maximum discount of 18 thousand yuan. Before the end of the month, you can buy a car and send 500 kilowatt hours of electricity, about 800 yuan. Song Max EV store has an existing car, there is no discount, wait at least two months. " Recently, the "help you to see the car" column of online car city visited several 4S stores in Haidian and Fengtai of Beijing successively as consumers, and inquired about the inventory, actual sales and terminal preferential policies of various models during the epidemic. We also learned from the visit that BYD Auto is currently in the process of charging the State Grid when buying a car. By the end of this month, 500 kilowatt hours were delivered to Qin Pro EV, 2000 kilowatt hours were delivered to song Pro EV, and some dealers also gave Jingdong shopping cards as extra gifts. 1. Tang EV offers 5000 song Pro EV offers 3000 yuan worth of charging degrees. "The replacement of Tang EV can reach 12000 yuan. Now, if there are many fuel vehicles at home, they will replace them with fuel vehicles. The first one is cheap, and the second one is unlimited." When asked about Tang EV, the salesperson at the 4S store near the South Fourth Ring Road in Fengtai District said so. In addition, there is a discount of 5000 yuan for Tang EV in the store, except for the lowest matching models, which are all available in full color. As for the users who buy the car on this month's 31st, the manufacturer also presents 2000 degrees of State Grid charging point charging degrees, calculated by 1.5 yuan per kilowatt hour, about 3000 yuan of electricity charge, which can be exchanged on the app. If the insurance is made in the store, it can be discounted by 8.3%. The first maintenance is free, no additional gifts will be given. If the decoration can be given as a gift, it can be negotiated in the store. For example, the price of the naked car is 279900 yuan, the discount is 5000 yuan, the insurance cost is about 7000 yuan (more refund and less compensation), the license plate is 1300 yuan, and the landing cost is about 283200 yuan. In addition, the optional loan can be divided into 18 periods and 24 periods, both of which need to pay 3000 yuan of financial service fee. In addition, it needs to increase theft and rescue. The first year insurance of the loan must be done in the shop. "Song Pro EV is popular in the store. It is basically sold one by one. Just a few days ago, more than 20 cars were sold. There are existing cars in various configurations. The color is mainly gray and red. White has to wait for half a month." When asked about song Pro EV, the store staff replied. In addition, song Pro fuel vehicles also have existing vehicles, just one plug-in hybrid model. The staff do not recommend to buy the plug-in hybrid version. In the first Beijing area, the plug-in hybrid model can only be purchased with the fuel vehicle index; in the second area, the purchase cost is high, which is not cost-effective. Take song Pro EV high power and high endurance flagship as an example. The price of the naked car is 219800 yuan, with a discount of 3000 yuan. The insurance cost is about 6000 yuan (more refund and less compensation). The price of the car's license plate is also 1300 yuan, with a landing cost of 224100 yuan. The loan is also divided into 18 and 24 periods, each of which requires a financial service fee of 3000 yuan. In addition, there is an increase in theft and rescue. The first year insurance of the loan must be done in the shop. "The inventory of fuel version models is also relatively sufficient, which is basically the cars that arrive before the Spring Festival this year, and the fuel version is relatively less than the pure electric one." Said the staff. At present, song pro's fuel version in the store has a discount of 3000 yuan. There are two kinds of existing cars, white and gray, and there is no existing car in red. Take 1.5T auto luxury as an example. The guide price of the car is 109800 yuan, the purchase tax is about 10000 yuan, the insurance is about 5500 yuan, and the licensing is 1100 yuan. 2. Qinpro EV has a maximum discount of 18000 yuan and a charging degree of 750 yuan. "Qinpro EV is divided into three grades with a discount of 5000 yuan for the Standard Version (136hp); 14000-16000 yuan for the high-power Version (163hp); 18000 yuan for the high-power high endurance (184hp). During the epidemic, the discount and the current car are the most guaranteed times." We came to the 4S store near the southwest Third Ring Road and asked about Qin pro's relevant information, the staff said. Qin pro in the store is full of existing cars, including white, red and silver. There is only one existing car for the lowest model with a guide price of 149900 yuan. Take the standard version of EV super energy, Zhilian lingshang, as an example. The price of the car is 149900 yuan, 5000 yuan discount and 6000 yuan insurance (including theft and rescue). The down payment of the loan is 46525 yuan, the loan amount is 108675 yuan, and the monthly supply is 6037.5 yuan. 3. There is no special offer for song Max EV in Beijing. "Song Max EV has one in our store in Beijing, with a guide price of 198800 high-end models. At present, there is no special offer. It is uncertain when the car will be available, at least for two months." Said the staff of 4S shop near the South Fourth Ring Road. According to reports, its in store song Max fuel vehicles have existing vehicles, with a guide price of 91900 for manual sunroof, 116900 for automatic Ruidong and 109900 for Ruijin. Most of the six seat versions have a cash discount of 7000.

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