Audi electric Q7 made in China - spy photo with a 500 km endurance and an estimated price of 550000

Posted 2021-02-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Odis-e engineer version software model code is au516 / 0 l0, Audi e-tron model code is au516, so the two models can be regarded as brother models. According to the market, FAW Audi's domestic e-tron VFF (mold delivery stage) BIW has been offline, and the car is preparing for mass production. The new car will be launched at the end of this year, with NEDC's endurance mileage of more than 500km. In terms of price, in addition to 15% tariff, FAW Audi's domestic e-tron will also enjoy the subsidy policy for electric vehicles, and it is expected that the starting price will be reduced from the imported version of 692800 yuan to less than 55000 yuan. (e-tron is shown in the figure below). At present, there are no specific body parameters of domestic e-tron. We can have a general understanding by comparing the dimensions of imported version and Q7. It is expected that the domestic version will be lengthened to some extent. In addition, it should be noted that the e-tron electric supplier will also change from the imported version of LG to the domestic version or, but the endurance mileage will increase from 470km to 500km +. In terms of competitive models, the main competitors of Audi Q7 have determined that it will be put into production in BMW Brilliance in 2022, and its electric version will also be produced in Dadong factory in the future. However, in terms of time, compared with X5, Audi's domestic e-tron, which will be launched this year, already has a competitive advantage of first mover.

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