Another black technology exposure Roewe rx5 plus will be equipped with AI voice customization function

Posted 2020-09-23 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, we learned from the official that Venus, a zebra intelligent travel vehicle equipped with rx5 plus, revealed the black technology of voice interaction - "voice cloning". The voice of parents, lovers and children can be customized through AI voice technology. This is the first time that "voice clone" products have been launched in the intelligent Internet connection industry. According to reports, zebra smart line Venus system "voice cloning" operation process is very simple. Users only need to record 20 sentences in zebra Zhixing app to synthesize a private voice package, which can be used globally by one click sending to the car machine. Whether it's navigation guidance, weather query, or restaurant reservation, the voice you want to hear is the one you want to hear most. "In recent years, with the in-depth application of deep learning technology, voice technology has developed rapidly and brought more innovative experience and interactive convenience to car owners. AI voice personalized application has started to" fly into the homes of ordinary people. " The person in charge of AI voice related technology of zebra network pointed out that the zebra wisdom Venus system can "master" the pronunciation characteristics of letters, phonemes, words and sentences when everyone speaks in "listening", and "speak" new sentences by deep learning technology reasoning and imitating the voice voice color and tone in the voice. The new generation of rx5 plus has given up the forward air grille of the old banner design element and changed it into a similar mid net shape of the vision im concept car officially known as "Ronglin pattern", which has a digital sense of the future. A fluorescent decorative strip is added to the front face to penetrate the front face. The color contrast design highlights the change of the new car's youth. From the detailed renderings exposed earlier, this fluorescent decorative strip is likely to be designed with a light-emitting strip to enhance its recognition at night. The rear shape of the new car adopts polygonal tail light group, and a chrome plated decorative strip is connected to create a transverse visual main line through the rear of the car. There are two kinds of models of LED light band and dot matrix LED in the light group, which also have high night identification. Judging from the official figure, the tail may adopt the concealed exhaust, and the square exhaust pipe surrounding both sides may only be decoration. In terms of power, the new car is likely to be equipped with a 1.5T four cylinder turbo with a maximum power of 169 horsepower and a peak torque of 250N ยท m. It is equipped with a 6-gear manual or 7-gear double clutch gearbox. The new car is expected to go on sale as soon as June this year.

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