Analysis of the pure electric three electric technology of Festa

Posted 2021-02-27 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

From the early large-scale computers to today's personal PCs and laptops, the evolution of electronic products, such as integration, modularization, lightweight, has never stopped. Taking the new Mac Pro 2019 released earlier by Apple as an example, the internal architecture of the host adopts modular and compact integrated design, which makes the overall body size smaller and meets the needs of professional users for high-performance and high-throughput systems. Of course, integration, modularization and lightweight, in addition to becoming an important bottleneck restricting the development of the electronic industry, have a profound impact on the new energy field of the automobile industry. If we have to choose a typical case, I think that at present, among many popular pure electric products, the integration of the three electric systems of fista is the most prominent, which not only further improves the power performance, but also lays a solid foundation for the ultra long endurance of up to 490km. Compared with "two in one", electric drive "three in one" will be the development trend in the future. Electric drive system is the core, mainly including high-performance power motor, power electronic control unit and reducer. For its integrated design, at present, most pure electric products choose two of them for two in one processing. Although the structure is simple and the cost is low, but the efficiency and torque will rapidly decline at high speed. When the electric vehicle reaches the top speed, there is no room for improvement, so the economy is not high. With the continuous development of electric drive integration technology, the three in one drive system has become the current mainstream, and even the future development trend. Firstly, it can effectively reduce the volume of the electric drive system and the total mass of the system; secondly, it can make the engine room more concise, and make the layout of each system more flexible, and then further reduce the quality of the car, help the car to reduce energy consumption and improve the endurance mileage; Thirdly, it can effectively shorten the distance between components, reduce the use of connectors and corresponding interfaces, optimize the transmission path and improve the efficiency of the system. The three in one electric drive system of pure electric vehicle from the point of view of the continental electric drive system carried by festa pure electric, is an electric drive system that integrates the motor, reducer and inverter together, which can simplify the external wiring between parts and components, and achieve the characteristics of lightweight, high integration and high performance, such as mass of 76.9kg, maximum power of 135 kW, peak torque of 310 N · m, the maximum speed of 165 km / h and 0 ~ 50 km / h to 3.5 s are the embodiment of strength. Here, we can compare the same level of geometry a as the pure electric three in one electric drive system of festa. The motor of the car is provided by JJE and FDM. The motor and reducer are combined in two, and the split layout is adopted. This way is not as compact as the "three in one" integrated layout, and the performance is not outstanding due to the wire rod. For example, the maximum power is 120kw, the maximum torque is 250N · m, the maximum speed is 150km / h, and the acceleration of 0-50km / h takes 3.8s, which is not as advantageous as the pure electric power of fista. Compared with the "flat panel", the structure of "heteromorphism" is more suitable for pure electric cars. At present, our common new energy battery structures are divided into flat panel and heteromorphism. Among them, although the shell of flat battery is simple and the technology is easy to realize, it can not arrange the batteries "according to local conditions". If it is tiled under the floor of pure electric car, the height of the whole car will be higher than that of the regular car, which will waste space, and it is difficult to balance the front and back of the vehicle chassis center of gravity. Therefore, flat battery is generally used for pure electric SUV. It's the deep insight of the above factors that we see that from the early stage of research and development, festa pure electric has been standing in the perspective of ergonomics, adopting the special-shaped battery box design, with the "Earth" shaped layout, which effectively avoids the floor lifting of the whole vehicle, so as to release more space in the rear row, and does not make the feet of the rear row passengers rise and feel uncomfortable. It is worth mentioning that the ternary lithium battery carried by festa pure electric battery benefits from this "Earth" type layout, which brings higher battery capacity and more real endurance mileage. The battery capacity is 56.5kwh, and the power consumption of 100km is as low as 12.7kwh under the working condition. This performance also makes great contribution to the vehicle's NEDC mileage reaching 490km. In contrast, GAC aion S also carries the high-density ternary lithium battery in Ningde era. The layout adopts a special design. Although the battery capacity is 58.8kwh, the energy consumption per 100km is 13.1kwh, and the maximum support is 510km of endurance mileage, but after the actual measurement by the author, it only drives 416km, and when the power is less than 40%, it will suddenly appear dozens of kilometers of cliff type power failure, which is easy to bring mileage anxiety to drivers. Therefore, in terms of actual endurance, festa pure electric is obviously more reliable than aion s. Compared with the "single" structure, the "two in one" charging system is more efficient. First, what is the vehicle charging system? It is generally composed of DC / DC converter and OBC vehicle charger. Among them, DC / DC converter is a kind of equipment that converts the high-voltage direct current output by battery into low-voltage direct current to supply power for EPS (electric power steering), air conditioning system, cooling system, small battery, etc. OBC refers to the equipment which is fixed on the electric vehicle and can dynamically adjust the charging current and voltage according to the data provided by the battery management system, so as to help the vehicle complete charging faster and more safely. For festa pure electric iccu two in one charging system, the DC-DC converter and OBC vehicle charger are deeply integrated and lightweight, resulting in a power density of 14.5kw/l and an energy conversion efficiency of 94%. As for the intelligent temperature control system installed in festa pure electric, it can effectively control and manage the temperature of the battery core, ensure that the battery core is in the appropriate temperature range during charging, and charge the maximum 200A current in a certain power range, quickly make up the power in a short period of time, and realize 100 km driving in 12 minutes under the condition of low power. At the same time, the boost battery is 30% - 80% in the fast charging state, which takes only 40 minutes. In the end, the author thinks that with the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology, the integration, modularization and lightweight design of parts have become an inevitable trend. Through the interpretation of the pure electric three electric system of fista, we can easily find that Beijing Hyundai is an enterprise that understands technology and has temperature. Each integrated, modular and lightweight design of the integration of the pure electric three electric system of fista is ahead of the same level of models. As the saying goes, sincere, open stone, so attentive products, will win the favor of consumers, get the recognition of the market.

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