All of a sudden! Touareg r publishes, pure electric energy runs 140 kilometers, the public has exhausted all technology

Posted 2022-07-16 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The high-performance flagship tourui r will be released at the Geneva auto show to be held in March 2020. The power comes from the plug-in fuel electric system composed of 3.0L V6 turbine engine and electric motor, with the maximum comprehensive power of 462 horses and 700n. M. tourui r will become the top model of the car series in the future and the hybrid fuel electric vehicle first owned by the R performance front. It is expected that 2020 It will be listed in the global market in the second half of this year. 3.0L V6 turbo + electric motor, pure electric mode with maximum speed up to 140 km / h, tourui R is a high-performance plug-in fuel electric SUV. After its appearance, tourui r has surpassed the original tourui V8 TDI in the car series, becoming the top performance style of the car series. The power comes from a 3.0L V6 gasoline turbine engine, an electric motor, an 8-speed tiptronic hand in one, and a 14.1kwh lithium battery. The electric motor alone can output 136 horsepower, making tourui R have pure electric driving ability. The original factory did not announce pure electric endurance distance, but said it was enough for short-distance commuting, and the maximum pure electric speed can reach 140 km / h. The 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine has 340 horsepower. With the help of electric motor, the total effective maximum horsepower of the whole oil power system is 462 horsepower and the maximum torque is 700n. M. The powerful power is sent to the wheel by 4MOTION four-wheel drive system, and the front and rear axle power output ratio can be adjusted by the central differential, among which the maximum power output ratio of the front axle is 70% and the rear axle is up to 80%. The plug-in oil power system of tourui r has two modes, e-mode and hybrid. When the vehicle is just started, it will directly enter the pure electric state of e-mode, so that it can move forward silently and without emission when leaving the garage or in the community. In hybrid mode, the system will actively adjust the power output between the electric motor and the engine according to the driving conditions. On the other hand, tourui r has five general road driving modes, including Eco, comfort, normal, sport and individual. In addition, it has two off-road driving modes, namely off-road driving mode and snow driving mode. If the off-road off-road kit is selected, two modes, namely gravel driving mode and sand driving mode, will be added. Like Volkswagen's previous r-performance models, Touareg r also uses a special metallic blue metallic appearance, and uses black paint on the water tank cover, fog lamp trim, xiaqiba, rearview mirror, roof rack, window frame trim and tail wing. The rim is standard with a 20 inch size and can be upgraded to a maximum of 22 inches. The car is equipped with a 12 inch digital instrument, a discovery premium host and a 15 inch touch screen on the center console, and the unique combination of black interior and crystal grey suture is used to highlight the top-level identity of Touareg R.

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