Actual measurement of aion LX central control of Guangqi new energy

Posted 2021-02-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

If the power of a car is its "soul"; the appearance is its "leather bag"; then I think the central control must be its "thought". The aion LX we are going to talk about today not only has an interesting soul, a good-looking leather bag, but also has a flexible mind. In particular, this 12.3-inch high-definition LCD screen is very bright. Now let's take a look at the secret in this screen. Aion LX is equipped with high-precision map of deliverable application, so as to better realize automatic driving function. Compared with the traditional map, the positioning accuracy of high-precision map can reach centimeter level, and it can recognize three-dimensional objects, such as multi-layer interchange. Aion LX is equipped with three driving modes, namely Eco, normali and sport. In the process of driving, if there is an accident or fault, you can dial the fault rescue service with one key through the b-call key on the screen, and call for help quickly with one key. Aion LX's speech control system is very sensitive, which is very good for speech recognition accuracy and response speed. In addition, the controller of the air conditioner is also in this large screen. For people who are used to knobs, they may not feel used to them. Editor's summary: aion LX is not only refreshing in appearance and power, but also impressive in rich central control configuration. But Xiaobian thinks that if the function entrance can be more concise and easy to understand, I believe that the use experience will go to a higher level. Such a car with both inside and outside, even the central control system is so meticulous, don't you know that you are in love?

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