A new generation of Mazda 6 is exposed. Look at the back of the car and think it's a Ferrari

Posted 2021-02-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, a new generation of Mazda 6 has been exposed in overseas auto media. The appearance of the new car continues to adopt the family's minimalist design style. The simple line outline makes the visual effect more refined. The headlamp group has a longer shape. The bumper adopts a through design, and the chrome plated decorative strip runs through both sides. The decorative lines of the window lines at the C-pillar position form a vertical angle of 90 °. The tail lamp group also uses a long strip design. The structure of the lamp chamber is similar to that of the aircraft turbine, and the details reveal a sense of strength. The lower exhaust is a two-way four out layout, with the upper lamp group. The layout is similar to Portofino. In terms of the walking mechanism, the new car will be equipped with a longitudinal in-line 6 cylinder SKYACTIV-X and D diesel engines, and equipped with a 48V light hybrid system, and the driving mode will be upgraded to a rear drive. In addition, a group of succession model information of mark X (determined in China) has also been exposed in overseas auto media recently. It also adopts the rear drive mode. If the car can finally achieve mass production, it may be one of the most powerful competitors of the new generation Mazda 6. The following are cash models

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