"70% off leopard" has become a thing of the past. Jaguar i-pace electric car has a minimum of 4.7% off?

Posted 2021-04-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Not long ago, a netizen's comment attracted the attention of Che Jujun: the price of i-pace has been dried up to 300000-400000 You should know that it is the first model of traditional luxury brand, which will be launched in 2018, with the whole system, manufacturer's guide price of 6308-716800 yuan. If the price of the terminal naked car drops to 300000-400000 yuan, it is like a rhythm of 5-6%. Although there has been the nickname of "70% leopard" before, it is extremely rare to see the situation below 70%. So is the i-pace discount true or false? 1 it's said that it's true that i-pace with less than 400000 yuan is true after a survey. It seems that i-pace with less than 400000 yuan is true. It can be traced back to the posters revealed on the forum at the end of last year. If the information in the poster is true, it means that i-pace had a discount margin of about 5.8% at that time. However, the 5.8% discount doesn't seem to be the bottom line of i-pace. In early March, some netizens found in their friends' circle that i-pace in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has started to sell at a discount of 5.5%, which means that the starting price of naked cars has further dropped to about 347000 yuan. In recent days, many netizens published a car pick-up post on the forum. Most of the discounts are between 5-6%, and the lowest one is "40.7% happy to pick up". About 350000 yuan directly won the top equipped i-pace with options. It's just that the news is rumor and questionable. In order to verify the authenticity of the news, Che Jujun asked about the sales of Qingdao Jaguar Land Rover 4S store. The other side said that there are such a group of "low-cost sale" manufacturers charter cars on the market, but not in every region. At present, they mainly supply the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and the store has stopped selling i-pace since the second half of last year. Later, car Jujun contacted the Jaguar Land Rover 4S store in Shanghai, and learned that the current discount rate of i-pace is 5.8%. There are existing cars for all configurations. The specific price still needs to be discussed in detail in the store, so there should be room for further analysis. It can be seen that the sales situation of i-pace is really not clear, and some regions have even stopped selling. However, i-pace with a discount of 5-6 does exist, which feels like "clearance sale". From 600 thousand + to 300 thousand +, the price drop of the Jaguar I-PACE is a bit surprising, but is it really that bad? Or, as the previous netizen said, is it because of Wei Lai? 2 is the reason why Jaguar i-pace has cut its price sharply? As Jaguar Land Rover's first pure electric vehicle, i-pace shows a lot of sincerity. For example, the sedan SUV model that the Jaguar family has not yet had, the "three screen" interior completely different from the Jaguar family model, and the shift mode has also changed from the classic knob type to the button type. Although the design feels like innovation based on the traditional luxury brand, the sense of high-end and technology has been created. Previously, it was awarded the European car of the year 2019. In addition, the performance of i-pace is also quite good. The whole system is equipped with front and rear dual motors as standard, with a maximum power of 294kW and a 0-100km / h acceleration time of 4.8s, which is ahead of EQC and e-tron of the same traditional luxury brands. While the whole 456 km of MIIT's endurance mileage is not outstanding in today's eyes, but it has also been ahead of the 415 km of Benz EQC and the 470 km of Audi e-tron. However, considering that the latter two do not shoulder the task of walking, the reference significance seems to be small. So, i-pace's huge discount is really because of Weilai? Even though, in front of the original price of i-pace, Weilai ES6, which belongs to the same medium-sized SUV, has a high cost performance ratio, but the latter's low configuration models are lagging behind in terms of endurance and acceleration ability. In addition, i-pace is a traditional luxury brand model imported from all over the world, while Weilai ES6 is a model manufactured by OEM. It seems that i-pace is more advanced. Moreover, the sales base of ulsai ES6 is not very large. The sales volume in January this year was 1483, which is definitely better than Jaguar i-pace, but obviously not the most direct competitor. In contrast, the competitive effect of domestic Tesla Model 3 seems to be stronger. Although the latter is positioned as a car, it seems to have a higher premium than Jeter leopard. In March this year, the sales volume of domestic model 3 was nearly 10000, ranking the first among pure electric vehicles. Recently, the long-term and high-performance models were further released, which significantly enhanced the competitiveness. When you can buy Tesla products with good performance in all aspects for about 300000 yuan, how many people will pay attention to the Jaguar i-pace with a weak sense of existence? Moreover, although i-pace presents many avant-garde elements in its design, its technology configuration is basically in line with that of luxury brand fuel vehicles, obviously there is no Tesla style that can automatically assist driving. If you want to go fast, big discounts seem to be the easiest and rudest way. Just as the first traditional luxury brand, it's a pity that i-pace is in such a field. It is understood that since i-pace went on the market in 2018, the average monthly sales volume in China has basically maintained at double digits. Even with a large discount, the monthly sales volume of this year has not reached the top 15. It should be because the propaganda is not in place and there are too few people who know about it. Considering that i-pace has been discontinued in some regions, Jaguar seems to be planning to give up the i-pace strategically after "handling" the low price of these existing cars, which is only a personal guess of car Jujun. It is only novel coronavirus's influence that the supply of Jaguar I-PACE is insufficient. The official announcement has been suspended for a week since February 17th. Nowadays, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is getting worse, and i-pace will be shut down or will continue, which seems to mean that the supply chain of i-pace will be interrupted. Even if sales will still be introduced in the future, there should be a period of "empty window". At present, it seems like the rhythm of selling one less. If the terminal price of i-pace in your area can also be reduced by 5-6%, try to find a leak.

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