600km + pure electric platform 2.0, huge rear space! This brand new SUV is very exciting at a glance!

Posted 2021-01-02 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In April, aion V's news came out one after another. Recently, Mr. Bang learned that the new car will be pre sold on April 27, and is expected to be officially launched in June July. Aion V positioning compact pure electric SUV, NEDC endurance 500 / 520 / 530 / 600km four versions. The picture above is the poster of the pre-sale news. At that time, we will have a look at the real face of the new car Lushan, and know the pre-sale price of the new car and some owners' rights and interests. GAC new energy aion V application drawing GAC new energy aion V design sketch combined with the previous application drawing and design sketch, the appearance of GAC new energy aion V still continues the sharp line of aion family design, and the unique headlights and taillights echo each other. The chrome decorative strip extended from the exterior corner of the headlight extends all the way to the bottom edge of the exterior rear-view mirror and side window, rises at the C-pillar, and combines with the body pillar to create the effect of the suspended roof. In addition, the new car also uses a hidden door handle, which further improves the sense of technology. In terms of interior design sketch of Guangqi new energy aion V interior exposed by automobile home, we can see two iconic steering wheels of Guangqi new energy family through the design drawing. The integrated large screen integrates instrument panel and central control screen. The overall layout of central control area is simple, but there is also a sense of technology. When the first publicity poster of GAC new energy aion V was published by the official poster for the first time, GAC new energy aion V chose "large space" and "pure electric exclusive platform" as highlights. Combined with the back row display in the previous design sketch, maybe the back row space of the new car will be a huge surprise. Although the new car is positioned as a compact SUV with a body size of 4586 / 1920 / 1728 mm, its wheelbase has reached an amazing 2830 mm, which is comparable to some medium-sized SUVs. The new car is built based on the second generation pure electric platform of GAC gep2.0. In terms of power, it will be equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 135kW and maximum torque of 350n ยท m. There are three endurance mileage versions of 500 / 520 / 530 / 600km (under NEDC condition). Among them, the energy density of the 600km endurance version is 173wh / kg; the energy density of the remaining three endurance versions is 170wh / kg.

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