60000 yuan, 300 km, advanced pure electric mini car fragrance?

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Today, with the development of new energy in succession, major vehicle enterprises have gained support. How are their performances? Can it be popular again? Mini car, as the entry-level product in the automobile level, has no configuration, space or power. But you don't have to say, it's such an entry-level car, which was quite popular in those days. You can see them all over the street. So it still has its own characteristics, such as small size, convenient parking, low price and high cost performance. But now look at the road, 10 cars have several minicars, why minicars will gradually decline? Today, with the development of new energy, many pure electric minicars are coming into the attention of consumers. Can these new models make minicars popular again? Are you going to build a minicar? When it comes to the giants in the field of new force car building, Tesla is the only one. Its products cover, medium and large SUVs. And our theme of today's mini car, with its as if eight poles are not to play the relationship. But in 2018, it was announced on twitter that a mini pure electric vehicle was being built. The story goes like this: Samson mow is the chief strategy officer of blockstream. On his twitter @ musk asked when Radio Flyer, an electric toy car company that teamed up with Tesla in early 2016, would launch a mini toy car for Tesla. As a result, musk directly revealed in his reply that Tesla is working to build a mini pure electric vehicle that can only ride one adult. But now that it's 2020, we still haven't seen any more news about the mini electric car, and Tesla's whole attention is focused on the pure electric pickup truck cybertruck. I think only musk knows the specific situation. QQ, the hottest representative in my memory, said that the most familiar minicar in China is Chery QQ. This car can be said to be a "new force" at that time, which had a great market impact on Xiali, Fukang and Jetta at that time. With its fashionable and beautiful appearance, it has captured the attention of many young consumers. And for the common problem that young consumers have limited budgets, its price of 30000 yuan perfectly solves the pain points of young users. Although in 2012, the car launched a new generation of models, the appearance, interior and power all adopt new design, but with the emission problems and the user's indifference to the mini car, it was not long before the car stopped production. The QQ of Chery just mentioned by F0 is undoubtedly a product that directly hit the pain point of young consumers at that time, and its extremely fashionable appearance is deeply loved by consumers. And the following BYD F0 is different from Chery QQ, but it also captures the eyes of many young consumers. Different from Chery QQ's main fashion concept, BYD F0 is a sports route, which looks like aygo and is popular with young people. With the same price of more than 30000 yuan, it's not surprising that it has achieved great success in the market. However, with the upgrading of the domestic automobile consumption concept and the gradual maturity of the automobile consumption market, a batch of A00 class minicars represented by F0 gradually cooled down, and they officially stopped production in 2017. Panda put Geely's mini car here, not because of its outstanding sales, but because of its design. Due to the small size of the minicar, in order to take better care of the interior space, it is generally designed to be more rounded. Geely may have taken this into consideration, and then added panda inspiration to design the car. In particular, the details of a circle of black decoration on the headlight are very similar to the panda's eyes. From the perspective of bionics, it is definitely the most interesting one among Chinese brands. However, as the launch of this car has missed the hottest time in the domestic mini car market, the sales performance is not outstanding. The features of this car are also obvious. It's different from Chery QQ's beautiful style, BYD F0's sports style and Geely panda's cute style. It's urban fashion. From the appearance, we can see that this car draws on many smart designs, even the seat layout in the car. However, compared with more than 100000 smart, about 40000 small nobles in double ring really earn enough attention of young consumers. But although the vision is to earn, but the market share of this car's performance on the average. Why minicars are declining? Just now we talked about a few minicars that sold very well or had a good heat. They have several things in common. I think you've noticed them for a long time. That is, the car is small and cheap, which is very suitable for young consumers who have limited budget but want to break the conventional car products. When it comes to the loneliness of the minicar, it has to do with its characteristics. First of all, the purchasing power of consumers is increasing day by day. With the economic foundation, they naturally want better products, which can't be met by minicars. Second, when it comes to consumers' desire for better products, space has always been a hard requirement, which is obviously a fatal disadvantage of minicars. Finally, for manufacturers, business is sure to make money, but the profits of minicars It's too low. It's incomparable with the product. Therefore, the manufacturers naturally put more emphasis on the hot SUV market all the year round, so the mini car was ignored. At present, the development of electric minicar development lithium iron phosphate battery. At present, the common power batteries used in electric vehicles are lithium iron phosphate battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, which is widely used in the early stage of electric vehicle development. One of the characteristics of this kind of battery is that it does not contain precious metal elements (such as cobalt, etc.), which is much cheaper than the ternary lithium battery. The ternary lithium battery has a higher energy density, which can reach more than 140wh / kg, which is directly reflected in the more and more considerable NEDC endurance mileage, so that many electric vehicles now have exceeded the endurance capacity of 600km. And its performance in low temperature resistance and charging performance is far better than that of lithium iron phosphate battery. But now the entry-level models, such as mini cars or small SUVs, mostly use more expensive lithium-ion batteries. Why? If the lithium iron phosphate battery is used in the minicar, it seems very reasonable. Because the vehicle positioning itself belongs to the entry level, the price will not be too high, and the lithium iron phosphate battery with the same low cost can be used anywhere. However, the energy density of the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery is relatively low. At present, the NEDC range of the battery models on the market is basically about 200km, and there is no country. If we want to achieve the endurance similar to the ternary lithium battery, we need to increase the number of battery packs, which directly leads to the increase of vehicle weight. And the micro car can't put so many batteries in its own condition, so it can only use the smaller ternary lithium battery with the same energy density. This is why the lithium iron phosphate battery is generally used by electric buses, electric light trucks and other means of transportation. 60000 yuan, 300km long-term auto - Benz e-star manufacturer's guide price: 698-74800 yuan long-term mileage: 301km Changan new energy's second E-Series model - Benz e-star just went on sale yesterday, with a price of 698-74800 yuan. Its front face adopts the latest design language of Chang'an family. The large-scale enclosed grille and the two sides of the blackened LED headlamp group make the front face look more imposing. In addition, the front bumper has also been designed completely. The black air intake on both sides looks very moving. Although it is a car positioning A0 level, it is not inferior to a car positioning higher in momentum. The side modeling of the car body continues the design style. The modeling is short and concise. The rising waistline enhances a lot of strength. In the rear part of the car, the new car adopts a newly designed tail light set, which has a very three-dimensional shape. LED light source is added in the interior, and the recognition degree is high after lighting. The rear bumper of the new car has a sense of hierarchy, and the camera of reversing image is hidden on the handle of the trunk. In terms of body size, the running e-star has a body size of 3770 × 1650 × 1570mm and a wheelbase of 2410mm. In the interior part, the dash e-star center console adopts a double 10.25 inch screen design, which improves the sense of technology in the car. Moreover, the double screen design is also a rare configuration of the same level of models. In addition, the interior adopts dark collocation as a whole, and is decorated with white and green trim strips, which is more vigorous and attractive to young consumers. In terms of interconnection, e-star supports voice vehicle control and dual screen interaction. At the same time, you can also click the "one button charging" function in the navigation to find the neighborhood and reduce the anxiety of endurance. In terms of configuration, Benz e-star is equipped with main / auxiliary airbags, tire pressure monitoring, rear parking radar, uphill assist, remote start, 10.25 inch LCD Meter, 10.25 inch multimedia screen, full LED headlights and electric adjustment of exterior rear-view mirror as standard. The high configuration model is also equipped with reversing image, sports / economic driving mode adjustment, navigation, Internet of vehicles system, Bluetooth and LED daytime driving lights. In terms of power, Benz e-star is equipped with a front single motor, with a maximum power of 55kW and a maximum torque of 170nm. In terms of battery, it is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 32.2kwh, and the endurance mileage of NEDC under comprehensive working condition is 301km. It takes 0.5h for slow charging from 30% to 80% and 8.35h for slow charging. In addition, the car's stop lever is knob shaped, and the rear is equipped with an electronic hand brake. The front McPherson independent suspension and the rear torsion beam semi independent suspension are adopted. Saic-klever manufacturer's guide price: 599900 yuan, endurance mileage: 260km, Klever is positioned as a micro pure electric vehicle, which is mainly suitable for the demand of step-by-step, so its appearance is from simplicity to pragmatism. The new car adopts the totally enclosed medium network, which is also the current design trend of electric vehicles. DiMeng's headlights and body shape complement each other, which is believed to be popular with female consumers. Double C shape design is adopted at the bottom, and diamond decoration is added, which makes the car add some small sports elements. The dimensions of clever are 3140 × 1648 × 1521mm and the wheelbase is 2000mm. The biggest highlight of the rear is the design of the black glass tailgate, so that the rear does not appear too monotonous, adding a bit of fashion. However, it also leads to the lower edge of the tailgate is higher than the ground, so it takes more effort to carry the heavier goods. In line with the exterior design, the interior also adopts a minimalist pragmatism. The official name of Klever's interior is capsule element, which reminds me of capsule hotel. The main cost performance is probably what the official wants to tell us. In terms of design, I think its interior is very comfortable. Just like Nokia's mobile phone, there is no fancy design, but you just like it in your hand. In terms of configuration, the car provides color blocking leather sports seats, 4-way manual seats in the driver's seat, 4-way manual seats in the passenger's seat, one touch anti pinch power window for the driver and the passenger's seat, push start one key start function, smart key X2, door window anti tinnitus intelligent lifting, etc. In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor, with a maximum power of 50ps (37KW) and a peak torque of 100nm. In terms of transmission, the form is EDS electric drive system. In terms of suspension, the new car adopts the front McPherson independent

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