3.7s, the most suitable Tesla SUV for Chinese people? Model y let the party win!

Posted 2021-03-04 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Among them, the long-term rear drive version has a endurance of 668km. To be honest, compared with the standard endurance version of 299000, if you spend more than 40000 yuan, you can get 223km of income, which is absolutely worth more than the price. In addition, the performance model has been greatly lowered the threshold of starting. With this experience, it is inevitable that people will be more looking forward to the performance of model y. With the completion of the Shanghai Super plant, the offensive has become increasingly fierce. According to the data released by China Federation of riders, Tesla sold 10160 vehicles in China in March. Even under the influence of the epidemic, the sales volume of 3900 units per month is second only to shenche Xuanyi and Bora. The results can be described as thriller. However, this is not all. After all, the Chinese people's obsession with space and SUV lies deep in their hearts. A large circle of model y may eliminate the final stumbling block of buying Tesla and significantly increase the user base. North America has already delivered, will China be far behind? Tesla Model y is positioned as a medium-sized SUV and the fifth mass production model of Tesla. It is developed based on the same platform of model 3, so its design style is very similar to model 3. Although it has been announced that it will be delivered in autumn 2020, the story that took place on March 13 and officially delivered to users in North America is very clear to us. This is half a year in advance. Look back to China. At present, 488000 long-range models and 535000 high-performance models are available in China. At the same time, seven seat models are also available (27800 yuan for option, which will be open in 2021, and the long-range rear drive version has been removed from the shelves). The time previously announced is 2021 delivery. Of course, we have also analyzed that Tesla has never dealt according to the formula. As the Shanghai Super factory was officially launched on January 7, with reference to the speed of model 3 made in China, Telco guessed that it would probably open a version of model y within the year, and the price range would probably continue to drop to 400000 yuan or less. Elon had previously said that model Y will be Tesla's most popular model so far. I don't know in other regions. I think this sentence will come naturally in the Chinese market. Model y has the potential to become the most suitable Tesla SUV for Chinese people. Model 3 skin pulling? At least the appearance is really so. I'm used to model 3. Naturally, I'm familiar with model y. strictly speaking, the two brothers are not different. At least in the appearance part, I can't pick up too many new ideas. The front windshield has a large inclination, and still retains the full glass roof of model 3. In order to reduce the cost, model The eagle wing door on the X must have been cancelled and is now a conventional open door. Regardless of appearance, model 3 and model y will share 75% of the components, so it seems that they are basically the same. Model y has a significant "increase" effect in size, so model 3. The most troublesome rear space problem will be solved effectively; the wheelbase is only 15mm different, and the overall quality of the four-wheel drive long endurance version reaches 2003kg, which is also common for the weight of the electric motor over 2T. If you still can't create a picture of the SUV model 3, imagine a slight increase in the GLC of Mercedes Benz. Well, that's the size. There is still a little difference in details, such as the blackened door handle (and only this one), and a small difference in the wheel pattern (if you remove the wheel cover). The only novelty is the new 21 inch wheels on the high-performance all wheel drive. Well, it's a bit boring when it comes to here. After summarizing, the appearance of model y is not the most attractive place. Let's go on. Well, the interior is the same. If you look at the interior first and then the appearance, you probably can't tell whether it's a model y or a model 3. The familiar 15 inch screen doesn't have any extra touch buttons. This set of interaction is quite mature, easy to use and convenient. If you are worried that there is no entity key that will affect the convenience, it's not necessary. The electric brother can clearly tell you that the whole interaction is very easy to use. The control ball + steering wheel seat memory can be used at a time. Students who have sat in model 3 may feel that the overall sitting posture is "lying down", which is determined by the height of model 3's body. Compared with model 3, model Y's cushion height is significantly higher, and still maintains a sufficient head space. Raising the cushion is not just to make your sitting posture more comfortable. The hollowing out design at the back can expand the footspace of the passengers in the back row and make the sitting posture more comfortable. Tesla Model 3 can satisfy all your desire for driving, but once you need to consider the safety seat in the back row, you must yield to the reality, and model y finally overcomes this problem. As for the third row seats, brother Dian thinks they are more symbolic. Unless it is necessary, he suggests not to choose the third row, which can not be used several times a year. Even if he does, he will stay flat all the year round. Not only people, but also goods can be "more comfortable to ride". The huge opening can bring more practical trunk space. There are many travel scenes for Chinese families. The bigger the size, the more practical it is. There is not much difference between the front compartment storage space and the model 3 through visual inspection, but the trunk likes to carry a hidden storage compartment, and it is enough to put a boarding case. The improvement of practicability is all-round. The trunk of model y has a larger opening. In addition, it provides multi-level adjustable opening, which can be directly adjusted through the central control screen and mobile phone. Oh, and the panoramic glass on the top of the front row ensures the head space of drivers and passengers. However, from the experience of brother Dian, the sun in Guangdong is relatively easy to "puncture" the sun proof glass, and the driving temperature is high for a long time. There are differences in the exclusive configuration, and many invisible improvements. As an SUV, Tesla specifically provides off road assist and slip functions Start), with more precise traction control, the ability to get out of trouble can be enhanced. However, the new function, emergency braking and lane keeping cannot be enabled at the same time. With higher ground clearance and off-road mode, the model Y's ability to overcome severe terrain will be significantly stronger than model 3, but the exclusive track mode of model 3 will not be equipped on model y. The average configuration of model y is slightly higher than that of model 3. For example, the front and rear seats are equipped with heating function as standard, and the number of speakers is slightly more than that of model 3 made in China (14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers). The storage cell of mobile phone no longer needs wiring, and evolved into a 15W wireless charging, of course, the two USB interfaces are still reserved. Oh, by the way, the middle of the back row has been changed to two type-C charging ports. At present, the popularity of type-C equipment in China is relatively low, and it may be necessary to prepare additional adapter or new wire. In another update, model y is equipped with heat pump air conditioner for the first time, which greatly reduces the energy consumption compared with PTC (especially in winter). This configuration is very useful for users in the north of China. According to overseas media tests, the efficiency of this air conditioner is 2-3 times higher than that of PTC material on Model 3, which can also be seen on ES6. Although the sharing rate of model y and model 3 parts is very high, model y still improves the manufacturing process on the basis of model 3, which makes the body structure of model y more integrated. For the first time, millimeter wave radar also adds the heating function, which has stronger performance against severe weather. Still so fast, model y is the party's biggest victory Tesla has become accustomed to high-performance performance, and model y is no exception. The acceleration time of 0-100km / h is 5.1s for dual motor long endurance version, 505km for wltp condition (more severe than NEDC), and amazing 3.7s for 0-100km / h for performance high-performance all wheel drive version, 480km for wltp condition. Although subject to the change of weight and center of gravity, compared with model in ultimate handling performance There are bound to be some gaps, but for SUVs, such handling performance is revolutionary. Combined with the experience of Telco, Tesla's endurance is not necessarily the longest, but it must be the most accurate. According to the current working condition table, the remaining endurance can be accurately estimated and referenced, which is more meaningful than increasing the book endurance. The so-called endurance anxiety is caused by not knowing how far to run and when to charge. Combined with Tesla's upcoming new technology, it is also worth looking forward to whether the domestic model y can perform better in the endurance. In the end, model y is more like the "balanced enhanced version" of model 3, adding many invisible and practical configurations, such as wireless charging, adjustable backrest angle, heat pump air conditioning, and larger electric tailgate; more importantly, it solves the most lethal passenger and storage space of model 3. From the Perspective of the total optimization, model Y is actually Tesla's masterpiece after "reducing cost and enjoying high". In the past, we thought that the driving control performance was absolutely contrary to the home space, but model y may have broken this concept, and it was far lower than the price of the same-sex fuel car, completing the double expectations of Chinese people for an SUV. This year's model y may really belong to the biggest victory of the waiting party.

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