10000 sets of protective materials donated by Xinte automobile

Posted 2023-02-06 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is facing the most serious battle in the face of this sudden virus attack, not only in Wuhan, but also throughout the country. In order to better help medical staff control the epidemic situation, cure the disease and save the people, the car carries 10000 sets of protective materials to the epidemic area, and provides support vehicles to stand by at any time! In front of the epidemic, we are united! With our wills unite like a fortress. Novel coronavirus will be working together with people in the epidemic area, medical staff and other social groups. At the same time, we hereby appeal to all citizens to strengthen their awareness of epidemic prevention, wear masks, wash hands and face frequently, and try to reduce the number of people in close contact. In case of fever and other symptoms, please see a doctor in time to protect yourself and others.

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